How To Make Websites Load Fast In Google Chrome On Android


How to Make Websites Load Fast In Google Chrome On Android

The method is very simple and we will be editing some hidden feature of Chrome in this method and with that, your Chrome speed will boost up and it will browse web pages faster. So follow up the below steps to proceed.

Steps To Make Google Chrome Browse Faster In Your Android

Turn On The Data Saver

Well if you turn on this option then it will send data to Google’s servers to be compressed and optimized for better browsing experience. So, this could be another useful feature that can definitely improve your browsing experience. This not only makes your browsing a bit faster, but it will also help to cut down on data consumption.

For enabling the data saver in Google Chrome for Android, hit the 3-dot menu button that is on the top-right corner of the screen> Settings> Data saver> Enable it.

Kill the cache

Cache is actually a good thing it helps to browse web pages much faster. However, the problem arises when you have too much cache data store, as the files can get fragmented and corrupted making your browser to slow down. Therefore, make sure to clear a cache once a week.

For clearing the cache, Go to your phone’s settings> Apps> Chrome> Clear Cache.

Prefetch Page Resources

This is a Chrome feature that makes the browser to load sites you are likely to click on. This simply means the web pages will be pre-loaded before you even decide to go into it. The only issue here is that it might waste lots of data. However, if you don’t mind wasting some MB’s then you will enjoy the added speed.

To enable this feature, open Google chrome settings> Privacy> Prefetch Page resources> Always

Thats it, you are done. This method helps you browse faster. Hope you like the tutorial.


I looks like amazing, Thanks alot!

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“Data saver” is “Lite mode” in updated versions.

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