How to make unlimited gmails! 🔥

this method is very simple

  1. You will need an valid gmail account already for this trick i’m going to say that my gmail account is this as an example: [email protected]

  2. After you already have a valid gmail account you will need to go to this site:

  3. When you in that site you going to want to put the username of your valid gmail account for example mine will be masonhayes7321 without put that in the generator
    (Just put your valid gmail on that site and click generate)

  4. the site will generate tons of mails you want to use those gmails for anything you need and you will receive the messages on your valid email

all the messages people send to those generated emails i will receive it on my valid email that it is [email protected] so copy any of those generated email from the site and you will receive the email message on your valid gmail

Enjoy :heart::+1:


without entry with password it has no value. So how can you say that make unlimited gmails?

This is the dot trick.

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basically, gmail does not consider dots between your mail name into consideration. what this website does is generate multiple gmail id from your given gmail id and places dots between the letters. So when you want to make multiple accounts on a particular website you do not need to create new account with a new mail id. You just have to use the different email id(same as your original submitted id) to make accounts and the emails that you receive from that website will go to your original submitted id only. No multiple accounts in google.
In short : 1 account, multiple aliases


Thank you so much. I Have learned a new from you. But anyone can create dot’s between gmail ID easily by himself. So why its has a value.

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This is useless. Can not get any gmail account.

If you are unable to understand the post and its content don’t place your remarks either.
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Bruh! Seriously, this trick has been shared like 10 times before, there is no point of making another post about it.

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BTW I agree. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Will this method work on email submit & referral sites?

nice man, learned something new today. thanks for sharing

Dot trick as you already know …
new one is “Plus trick”

you can create lots of alias using one gmail id

after plus ‘+’ you can any add any name

for example : if my gmail id is : [email protected]
you can create =>
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

you get the idea …
this is known as “plus trick”


please, provide the website link, that supports + trick for unlimited Gmail.
Or is it just I can add + Xyz in my Gmail. and the trick will do its job itself.

anyone has a method to create unli gmails with email and password? not this kind though.

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