How To Make Unlimited Amazon Prime Accounts (No Bin Method Or VCC)

The bin method doesn’t work anymore, and the vcc still does, but here’s a free method (no fees)

  1. Use VPN (your choice you don’t have to)

  2. Log on to (make sure its

  3. Click register, create an account, then create an email you can access to. You can use Gmail, protonmail, or just a temp mail online

  4. After registering, fill out the otp they send to THAT email

  5. Click on prime (on the home page)

  6. Go to and select the GERMAN flag symbol

  7. Once you clicked on prime, it will ask you for a payment method.

  8. On the fake-it website, after you clicked the German flag, scroll down to Financial Details

  9. Once your there, copy the BIC and paste into the payment method part in Amazon (make sure it’s not the credit card one, its the bank iban one)

  10. Copy iban and paste into the iban section

  11. Paste the name into the name section

  12. Click confirm payment or etc

  13. If Amazon says that the iban isn’t valid, simply reload fake-it and get a new iban and try again (if doesn’t work the first time, the second time definitely will)

  14. When it asks for the billing address, simply put in a valid address in Germany (it isn’t very hard, you could find one online)

  15. Confirm payment

  16. There you go you got amazon prime for free!

Source: Shared by anonymous!

Another Method:

  1. Use VPN(Nord VPN tested) and set it to Canada.
  2. Go to and signup.
  3. Check for Prime video on the homepage or go to and log in.
  4. Go to and use this bin 489382xxxxxx1xx1.
  5. Use this Details Street: 155 Mountain Lee Road •City: North River •State: Nova Scotia •ZIP: B6L 6M3 •TEL: 902956xxxx

Thanks for the share @SaM. I got one for free :grinning:


@Mashkoor_Vohra help me bro I didn’t get

I think it’s a crystal clear explanation from @SaM. Go one by one and you’ll be good to go pal.


Almost Worked but when i try to login prime video it redirected to home page. Am i missing anything?

everything’s went right, but then pop up a message that your amazon account has temporarily blocked@sam

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Thanks Sam, it works :grinning:

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when I asked about when will be the account be temporarily blocked to one of the amazon customer care executive they said that they will check the details about the account owner to verify does this person a genuine or creating fake id in order to provide services from them n if the account was blocked they will check further if everything is fine they will resume ur account. so, my suggestion is to use any other mail service that would make them feel genuine… I am using minuteinbox(temporary mail service) now there we can choose how many days u want that mail to be live (limit up to 1 month). I have to try this mail for amazon prime… hope it helps u…



Thank you captain @SaM

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In the Entire process and also later when i want to watch prime videos should it need a VPN always? Above method work without VPN?

Got it. but how to translate it into english?

Love u man … I did work like a charm…
thank you so much.

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I have got this for 1 month … 30 days free trial.


Use Google Chrome it will translate the page into English or any language you want.

Yes, keep using it, it also help to being hide from ISP for logs.


it works, but the account get blocked immediately lol, anyway thanks for the tip :wink:

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Thanks a lot man! works

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Another working tutorial, 30 days free trial. But I guess that this method is repeatable with socks.

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Thank You bro it really works.

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Dude, it’s done. I got it.
Thank You

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New Bin Tested And Working!

BIN: 554350
IP: your own
Address: Select country India and put any Indian address.