How to make thousands of Proton mail emails! (HELP) (PRIZE INCLUDED!)

Hey guys could you please help by teaching me how to make tons of protonmail emails? i really need them and whoever gives me a solution will recieve a $5 giftcard of their own choice.

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Where is the downvote button? :upside_down_face:


why? im giving a prize for help

Make them one by one. Simple.

not helpful

doesnt work it gets stuck at verification therefore impossible to make lots

Use click bots on a rdp or in your sytem.

what are click bots?

The thing I always do for verification is get the Textnow or other free text app (Textnow is my personal fav) Make an account and get a free temp number for verification purposes. For as many emails accounts you have (any email accounts really) thats how many accounts you can make and free numbers you can get. For even more numbers get multiple free text apps and do the same steps. Textfree and Textme both worked good if i’m remembering right.

There’s also some free 2nd phone number/free text apps where you can delete the accounts after the free number isn’t useful anymore, use a vpn and resign up and get another number. Which ones those are I can’t remember anymore but you can try some out it only takes a minute to signup and check.

Oh and burner and hushed I believe wouldn’t give me texts for free. It’s been awhile since I did this, so you can doublecheck, but to save some time you should avoid them.

Also check Fiverr if your willing to pay $5 anyway. I got 100 gmail accounts made for me for that price (I know i’m lazy). They might have Proton as well.

they are programmes which do clicks according to your needs.