How To Make Some Good Money With Fake Reviews



It’s a easy scheme but it’s not for everyone:

  1. First of all you must have a lot of patience. Seriously, if you are an ambitious teenager dreaming of a new laptop within few days – close this page. Your first attempt even may fail but it is successful, you’ll get your first income in 2 or even 3 weeks.
  2. Opera browser. It has a built-in VPN service, we will use this to register accounts.
    3.Register ~20 accounts on It’s an interactive map with all possible weed dealers, brands, clubs, doctors etc. around you. We take a random big US city for this time.
    4.Register temporary email accounts on something like It’s free and easy.
    5.Generate nicknames on
    6.Pick the avatar. Search for “funny animal” in Google and choose any

The Process

The process is easy. For this instance we choose random 2-3 weed dealers from the US with a delivery option. Now take 3 of your accounts and leave negative feedback to the dealer. Then upvote these reviews using the rest of your accounts.

Don’t be too much emotional but reasonable. Write a review as you are a professional weed buyer, like a blogger or journalist. The reason why we must upvote the testimonial is that upvoted reviews always get to the top of the list, no matter if our account is young.
We have killed the business…

Now it’s time get paid. Look for the telephone number or email on the dealer’s page and text them something like:

“How are your reviews? I can fix it for $300 a week to this Bitcoin wallet – your_btc_wallet“.

$300 per week is nothing for them because such shops make up to $5000 daily.

Now wait. If they keep silence, place few neg reviews more. Then you can follow up your message to them and wait more. They have only two options now – leave the website or pay you the money.

This scheme seems to be very easy but it has some difficulties. If you make all mentioned above within a day, you will get blocked by admins, then you start over. For guaranteed success stretch it for 2-3 weeks period, no haste.

That’s all. Leave your feedback or ask any questions below. Hope this guide will be useful and let you make few bucks while you are looking for another job :wink:


for vpn , we can move to protonvpn?
by default comes as japan as default location - free vpn but more secured.

Wow… Thanks this is very informative. I’m gonna give it a try. Hope to make some $$$ out of this. Btw, I’ve got some bunch of Gmail address with me, do you advice me to use them in registration on weedmap or must I use a generated one from the link you put up there. Hope to hear from you

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Never ever use personal own email addresses associated with you in any way on such websites. Always use generated email addresses for use and verification


Thanks for the reply@ziyam_khan.
I go through the website and I’ve drop a review of on one advert that has no review yet. I’ll follow up as stated by the op and I hope to get something out of this.

Pls, I’ll like you to open my eye to more stuffs to make cool money as I’m new into all this. I’ll really appreciate your response sir. Happy New year to you sir

Honestly, I’ve been trying the above-mentioned method for quite some time. But no one replies to me I’ve targeted many Adverts on Weedmaps but no one responds even if I decrease their whole ratings by a great margin. Good luck if it works in your case.

And for security purposes don’t forget to use VPN and take it easy don’t Rush this is a weird way of making money…I guess, and to receive payment use your bitcoin wallet as bitcoin is untrackable