How to make some bitcoin using FREE RDP (working) - 4 easy steps

STEP 1. Join this site: this is not a referral link. :smirk:

STEP 2. Get a free RDP from here -
You can use windows Azure - https://azure.micros…com/en-in/free/
You get $300 worth of credit available 12 months and from Azure you can get $200 of Credit

STEP 3. Get a RDP with that credit, i recommend a 6 vCPUs one, the memory doesn’t really matter, i choosed 6 gb.

STEP 4. Download the CryptoTab on your PC and the RDP, run it on both of them.

Tip: On the RDP, i recommend you not run the miner higher than at half power. If you get the same RDP as i did, it should make are 210 H/s at half power.
If you run it at higher power than half, they will shutdown your RDP, so don’t do that.

The minimum withdrawal is 0.00001 (that is a few cents) so i don’t think there is any point to show payment proof considering is that low.
Also i know this won’t make you thousands, but it’s easy money, so does it matter?


if this method runs on RDC, running 24x7 . then how much can be earned per day?

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don’t mind me but its a complete waste of resources better try stadia using that RDP


can you please share your payment proof

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where to buy vcc

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can plz add more informations!!! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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would recomend using Kryptex miner