How To Make Passive Money Using The Power Of AI

Here I will share a method to make passive income using AI technology.

You will learn how to use it to generate passive income at no risk or anything, it even includes a free 50 $ voucher to try it without a risk.

I started with just those free 50$ and made +60% in just 5 days of using so it is pretty nice revenue but normally you make like 20-25%.

  • Make an Account here:

  • Then make an account or the AI Marketing Bot:

  • Ater that you press sign in on the AI site and choose the logo with the brain and log in via the other acc that you created.

  • Then proceed to Top up category on the let hand site and choose the irst thing which should be voucher code or something like that rom the payment methods.

  • There use this code: D5KE-FT8Z-LPVZ-YSRZ to get free 50$ to try it our or yourself! Risk free

  • The money will stay idle or abut 48h and then go into the bot and starts generating revenue or you!

  • After 4-5 days in my case it made about 34$ just with those 50$ provided for Free!


I have created the account bro. but cant use the code on top up. can you help with some screenshots please

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Go to the Top up section and from the drop down menu ( where i think card is the default option) chose gift certificate and then Put the code and reedem

i have created the account, got $50 ads balance.

what is the next step.

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Same question here.
What is the next step?

Did we need to wait 48 hours and then “go into the bot and starts generating revenue”
Can you explain more details about bot and generating revenue?

Don’t use it it doesn’t pay you out its nearly a scam tried 7 months ago


I don’t recommend using this at all as it’s a total waste of time !!
it’s like a loophole you won’t be able to withdraw money if you only use the free $50 you need to invest another $50 or more later on!
And their business model is kinda like MLM which is gonna fall for sure! And I didn’t found a valid reason to invest here with the hope that a robot is gonna earn money for me! like for real? we are still in 2021 bro!


Thanks @Cyber_1NJ3CT0R and @Duo_Codies for alarming and warning us by leaving a comment underneath the post. Your comment saved newbies like me. Thanks brothers.


Don’t you get $ for referrals tho? :thinking:

You don’t get money just by referring people using the $50 voucher code GZVR-ZKGU-ESJ4-X22V you get 5% cash back on whatever they spend to top up their advertising budget

Then what’s the point? :rofl:

You get $ from the bot that generates ads where people click and buy stuff, you get a kick back of every sale but usually small like 1% to 12% of the total sale. The bot costs money to run so that’s what your advertising budget is for, if someone you refer puts $50 which is minimum into there advertising budget you get $5 which will be used to keep the bot running which makes money from sales.

once 48 hours have elapsed your ad balance will turn into advertising budget and your bot will start making money for you

Then how do I withdraw the money? Is it fake or real?

From what people have been telling me it’s real but can’t confirm for myself as yet. If you used the voucher code GZVR-ZKGU-ESJ4-X22V or any voucher code for that matter you will first need to return it before you can withdraw. So in essence doing some math you will only be able to make your first withdrawal once your bot makes you $150. $50 dollars goes to returning the voucher and you can withdraw a minimum of $100.

Let’s see, it’s been 4 days since I used this AI marketing, I got 33$, I saw it on YouTube, we can withdrawal it if reach $100 or more. I’m still waiting to reach 100$ then I will prove it if it’s real or not. :grimacing:


I’m sure there will be a solution where the A.I. is your own.

Please let us know

For me it’s SCAM.
Because in the 7 days since you using it. The bot start showing NOT WORKING. You have to pay/invest if you want the bot to work again.
What nonsense.
If you don’t want to pay, at least you have to invite people.
My conclusion is: STAY AWAY FROM THIS BOT AI.
Try it if you are curious. :wink:

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