How to make own Telegram Truecaller number searching bot

About the bot

Simply the purpose of this bot is to gather information about a phone number(only indian numbers).
Combined Results from Truecaller and eyecon app is provided.
Saves your time…:slight_smile:



1st Download 3 Apps

1. True Caller:

2. Eyecon:


  1. HttpCanary:
  • 1. Android v6 & 7 Phones
  • 2. Android v8+ Root Access

If the above step fails then
install parallel space and run truecaller/eyecon inside parallel space and then monitor parallel space in http canary then we can see the requests and responses.remaining steps are same.

If the above two methods fails,then try thisinstall vmos virtual os from vmos (Pro App) select rom 5.1 (it may take some time to load)

After that you need to install truecaller/eyecon apps inside that newly created virtual os (normal installation).

Then, open http canary in your phone (not in vmos)
and monitor vmos app(at the same time run eyecon/truecaller inside vmos so that we can see the requests and responses).
remaining steps are same


5. BOT_TOKEN: @BotFather
6. DB_URL:
7. E_AUTH: from eyecon app request header
8. E_AUTH_C: from eyecon app request header
9. E_AUTH_V: from eyecon app request header

10. T_AUTH: from true caller app request header

Source: hudumaonlinenews

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