How To Make Money With Instagram | Shoutouts

Method - Instagram shoutouts

This method also doesn’t require any investment, other than a bit of research,
and as always… Dedication.

Here we will be selling Instagram shoutouts BUT don’t worry, you’re not going to
grow your own account, spend hours upon hours getting followers, etc.

Here we will be selling shoutouts on other people’s accounts, mark up the price
and profit from it.

First step you have to do is find an account which you want to work with.
Account size doesn’t matter, it can be 10k followers, 100k, 1 million, 10 million,

You’re going to DM/email/contact them and ask for prices for shoutouts. Ask for:

  • 12 hour shoutout
  • 24 hours shoutout
  • Shoutout + story post
  • Shoutout + link in bio
  • Shoutout + story post + link in bio
    After they give you the prices, write them down and move on to the next step.
    Before contacting them, make sure you check their engagement as you don’t
    want to work with an account which has fake followers, buys followers, likes, etc.
    You can easily check engagement of a certain account using this site:…ment-calculator

After you’ve checked their account to make sure they have a genuine
following, you’re going to find people/products/software/businesses which you
are then going to email and offer them a shoutout. Don’t worry, I will show you
step by step how you can do that.
Head over to and paste this address - Then click on
“Whois lookup”

Then click on “Other sites on this IP”:

After you’ve done that, you will see all websites which are powered by Shopify.
Those sites are e-commerce stores and people are buying from them.
You can see that there is very popular workout brand called Gymshark,
extremely known clothing site called Fashionnova, and more.

But those sites are too big for us and we likely won’t get any replies from them as
they have a dedicated marketing team that is already advertising their
We’re going to scroll down and click on “View all records”:

Now you’re going to find a site which is in the same niche as the account we
contacted for shoutouts. I contacted a survival account which showcases
different survival tutorials, hunting products, etc, so I’m going to look for a store
that is in that niche.
After a bit of research, I found this store:
Then I’m going to contact them and offer to promote their product on “my”

If the account you contacted said they will do a 24 hour shoutout for $70, I’m
going to contact JC custom flashlights and say how a 24 hour shoutout will cost
them $100. Explain the benefits of advertising on IG, how everything works, etc.
That’s it, I made $30 being the middleman and doing barely any work on my