How To Make Money With Expired Domains

Table of Content

  • Why expired domains?
  • How to find expired domains
  • How to start
  • How to make money

Why Expired Domains?

If you don’t know, expired domains are domains that used to be genuine websites, but the owner decided to let the domains expire (didn’t pay the renewal fee). You can get these domains once they expire and start your own website.

How these domains different from fresh domains is that expired domains come packed with backlinks from the previous website, so you’ll have way less SEO work and you’ll be able to rank for keywords easily.

More keywords ranked = more traffic = MONEYYYY

If you manage to find high quality expired domain (I’ll show you how to find one soon), you can sell backlinks and guest posts on sites like Fiverr and Adsy as well.

How To Find Expired Domains

Finding expired domains takes time. But if you spend enough time searching, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one!

Some of the sites I use to find expired domains are, GoDaddy Auctions,, Dynadot Expired Auctions, and Namesilo Expired Auctions,

Buying domains from an auction can sometimes cost a lot. So it’s important to find one that has value.

I use tools like Moz and Ahrefs to filter out good sites (I prefer domains with DA20+ and DR20+). Also, don’t forget to check the Wayback Machine ( to make sure the domain didn’t use to be something spammy.

You can also use and use the different categories they have. I prefer to use the “Pending Delete” section since it’s less competitive and you can get a domain for around $70 by drop catching with

This process could take weeks. Just make sure you’re getting a domain that has good SEO value.

Shameless self-plug: I have a bunch of DA30+ expired domains if anyone wants to skip the weeks of searching.

How To Start

Once you get your expired domains, it’s time to start your own website.

You’ll need the basics:
A hosting plan (I prefer NameCheap hosting since it’s cheap)
WordPress Installation
Logos and other basic site design

Some important things to keep in mind

The website you create needs to be in the same niche as the previous website. If the niches are different, the old backlinks will have less value.

So, if you bought a domain that used to be a shopping website, make sure your new website is somehow related to shopping.


I’m going to skip the hosting, WordPress, and site design parts since they are topics that you can easily find on youtube.

Regarding content, to get your website up and running and start making money, you’ll need to have at least 50 blog posts (This is the minimum limit to be accepted into Adsy).

The type of topics you’ll cover on your blog depends on the method you’re planning on making money.

If you’re going for ad revenue from the traffic you get from google, then I would suggest you target low-competition keywords.

I use ahrefs and ubersuggest to find super low competition keywords. I try to pick keywords that have less than 5 keyword difficulty in ahrefs, and less than 35 on ubersuggest.

But if you’re planning to make money with guest posts and backlinks, you can pretty much pick any topic you want.

How to get content

There are 3 simple ways to get content for your new website.
The first one is to write it yourself. If you have time and a bit of experience in content writing, you can write around 2-3 posts a day.

The second method is to use an AI writer. This is a much faster alternative to writing the blog posts yourself. An AI writer can get you around 7-10 posts a day.

AI writers that I use are Wordhero and Rytr.

The third method is to get some from Fiverr to write a bunch of articles for you. This would be the best option if you don’t have much time on your hands. You can get 750-word articles for around 7-10$ each.

How to Make Money

This is the interesting part. Once you have your new website established with 50 blog posts, you can list your domain on sites like Adsy and Fiverr and offer backlinks and guest posts.

The prices vary a lot, but you could charge around 10-20 for a backlink, and around 25-40 for a guest post.

While you’re doing that, you can keep pumping out content targeting low-competition keywords as I mentioned, and continue to grow your traffic by ranking on google.