How To Make Money With ClickBank

I have about 1-2 months i start making money from affiliate marketing and I want to share my success with the community.

First of all i am using ClickBank and in particular, I promote the products of the category E-business/E-marketing, I also promote weight loss products, but not so much for the time.

What i did is to build a landing page with (wix or weebly etc) cause i couldnt share my links Directly

Traffic Sources

  1. Facebook Groups: participate in groups related to (Affiliate marketing, Work from home, Mlm, Advertise, Earn Online , And Business opportunity) Check other peoples posts to get some ideas on how to start correctly. Do not put your landing page link on your posts, let the people ask you in comments (The post will get more views if people commenting all the time).

  2. Quora: Answer people questions on quora helped me generate good traffic to my offers. Strategy ( create an article with medium or wordpress) with your affiliate links inside. Answer people questions on quora and put your article link at the end. (Again see other peoples answers to get some ideas) Dont put your affiliate link in your answer quora will ban your account.

  3. Blog commenting (The right way): Don’t say ( Heey check here).

Example of comment on lose weight niche:

(Hey, I love this article thanks. I just got into fat burning and I’m thinking of going with (this sytem) to help burn weight. My uncle tried this program and he saw results quick. Do you think I should follow this method,or burn weight by eating healthy and excercising (Not seeing any results)? What do you think about it? I keep reading good reviews about it but I am unsure if it will still work on me if I am 25. It’s on sale right now at a very low price, so if possible can you leave me feedback on wether I should do it or not. It would mean a lot coming from an expert in this field.

4.Related forums: Again answer people questions and be helpful in the community, if the forum allows you can share your article guides on the communities.

That’s all guys hope i help you.

Happy learning!