How To Make Money With ChatGPT

In this method ChatGPT will write you a Ebook

  • For a good Ebook you need to know what people want to buy right now
  • Using ChatGPT you can ask what are the best categories just ask “most popular non-fiction ebooks” or something like this
  • In this case we will go with “Self-help and personal development” category
  • But we will ask ChatGPT a good sub-topic from that category, we don’t want only the category because it’s too general
  • For this example ask "Best sub-topics for “Self-help and personal development” and then pick the most interesting to you
  • In this case we will be choosing “Productivity and Time management”
  • Now we are ready to write the Ebook
  • Ask ChatGPT “Write an outline for a book on Productivity and Time management”
  • It will organize the book for you in chapters
  • Copy all and paste on Google Docs
  • Go back on ChatGPT and ask "Write a chapter for “Definition of productivity(It’s our first chapter)”
  • Copy all the paste again and you have your first chapter of your book
  • Now you do the same for all chapters and in a few minutes you will have your entire book writen for you.
  • Once it’s all done go to File > Download > PDF Document (.pdf)
  • Now you just have to find a platform to sell your own Ebook, there is many platforms to sell it, it’s your choice.
  • I recommend you using Gumroad to sell your ebook, because they don’t charge anything to use their platform, they just have 10% fee for every sell, so you can sell you ebook for free.



Hi @WhiteHat
Thank you, I’m using the ChatGPT has a while and you can do many things with it, including that you can ask him to sugest images to be used with the ebook


Thanks for the suggestion man!


Do you think the content generated by AI can compete with self written ebooks and would really sell? I’m not sure right now

There is a new program that detects Ai generated content called GPTZERO.


For anyone worry about AI Detectors. Use quilbot and rephrase all the things that you requested from ChatGPT. Thank me later


Ai vs Ai :laughing:

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Actually you cannot rely on ChatGPT when it comes to what are the hot trends ‘right now’ because its knowledge is limited till year 2021 about the media.

  • Do you have a lot of information about 2022?
  • I’m sorry, but I do not have any information about 2022 as my knowledge was cutoff in 2021 and I am not able to browse the internet or access any information outside of what I was trained on.

So the idea of knowing what’s hot for Ebooks right now (For a good Ebook you need to know what people want to buy right now) is not going to work for this particuler reason.


Hi all, as (I think) you know I’m from Brazil.
Today is Wednesday 01/11/23, Brazillian time 8:10AM the ChatGPT isn’t working. Here It stop last sunday, and I still doesn not find any notice about the problema I only know that has to many people using it and it’s network does not handle.

Hi all, ok as I’m working hard with AI and others related like GPT3 and also YOU, I will say a few things that I already learn and also some others so simple that people forget.
First do not use AI like a crutch, because it is not. Second do not forget that the talent depends of a human. Use it with property, do not let it handle all the work, put your intelligence and your soul into the work, that way it will be unique.
To @T_Plug it does not compete if you let all the work to they, but working together you will have a terrific job, even if you would like to write an ebook or a romance.
To @Top_Elements, reading what I wrote you will see that GPTZERO and similars are necessary, since people think that this AI will do all the job alone.
I hope that this that I wrote can help people to understand what are happening.

And remember: To get a better answer you need to do a good question allways.


Hey thanks for the great share. I hope there are plenty of members checking it out, this seems to be a pretty hot topic. The cool part is that you left plenty of room for expanding the ways to monetize. Setting it up as a funnel, adding affiliate links, selling on Amazon, here’s where your imagination is your only limit! Thanks Again

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Thank you very much