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Note: We will use for this, you can use any other website builder, but I find that carrd is the most affordable one. I’m not affiliated with them whatsoever.

I have an exam within 3 days, writing this thread is actually inefficient use of my time. But I’m sick of reading threads like “I have $50, what business or idea to invest in?”
So here’s a little business I started recently. You can do this too.

What will we be doing?

  • Setting up our own, very little web agency, with lots of profit margins.
  • Thanks to COVID, a lot of businesses are cashflow negative, moving over to a new, cheaper, yet premium website, is a no-brainer to save on expenses.

Who is this for?

  • Beginners
  • People with a limited budget to start, $19/YEAR, is all you need.
  • People looking for relatively quick money (Yup, no need to build something for 6M+ in order to watch it fail.)


  • Go to Carrd(dot)co and register for the $19/year plan, this plan lets you build 10 sites with SSL and custom domains. (Or use any other website builder.)
  • Get familiar with it (Spend 1-5 days learning it and getting to know its possibilities and limitations.)
  • Build a simple looking website that explains your services and that shows a little portfolio. (Just create 3-4 websites within the builder to show of your work.)
  • Now that you have a little portfolio and your own main website, you have at least 5 sites left to build for your clients.
  • Find clients on websites like YellowPages, contact them with an email or call them. (Look for ugly outdated websites that don’t have SSL.)

The Goal of a cold email is not to sell, it is to get on the phone with our prospect. Many great examples can be found on YTB.
Or on this website:
Make every mail as personal as possible, this will increase your reply rate.

Final words:
The average web agency in my country charges $500 upfront cost + $30/MONTH at least for ‘maintenance’ lol.
Since Carrd is this cheap, you can easily charge your clients $129/YEAR all-inclusive. This is a no-brainer for many small business owners.
Carrd is bad for SEO, search for local companies like grooming businesses. They rely more on Google Maps Ranking. Heck, you can even, target Plumbers, etc, as this market is dominated by Paid Ads anyway.
Once you have built a template for a certain Niche, you can use it over and over again, just change the images, the text, the links, etc.

P.S.: I rely only on Cold Calling + meeting up in person. From every 9 calls, I get around 1 client. (Yup I’m not that good at cold calling yet.)

I send everyone, for who I built a site, a little SMS-text after 3 days saying:
“Hey X, Hopefully, you like your new website. If you happen to know someone that is also paying way too much for their website, just send them to me and I will reward you with $30 for each referral.”

If you have ONLY 5 clients/month. You’re already making $600 per month and this will be recurring money next year. (The average client stays 4-5 years with a web agency)



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