How to make money from google AdSense

Hello members, i lost my job due to covid shit and i don’t know what is next and how to sustain my family.
I have been reading much about how to make money online because starting a business in my country is another problem. I have knowledge about web programming and i want to start blogging so that i can “Maybe” earn from google AdSense. My question is can some really sustain a family from google AdSense and how to do it right. Thank you guys in advance and a big thanks to One hack admins and community



Well, Im already earning from Google Adsense, There are alot of methods already shared on OneHack. Please check them also.
Earning on Adsense is sometimes a pain. But if you are consistent then you can earn even millions.

Method: Start Writing & Blogging (in the same time also you can create videos on the same topic & upload on Youtube & send traffic vice versa, also share on Social Media to get extra traffic).
This will give you boost. Its a long term plan, will not get you results in a day.

Once you have great audience then you can do publish paid articles, Sell Backlinks, Get great extra cash by sharing affiliate links & possibilities are unlimited.

Its also your online asset, you can sell it anytime. But if you want quick cash, then its only possible by selling your services on fiverr & do Freelancing. And for long term you can start these blogging & youtuber activities.

Hope it Helped :slight_smile:


Thank you so much bro, I am going to give it my best shot. Thanks again

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Pleasure is all mine Bro.
Take Action, keep Writing & adding articles without counting.

I think you can refer these videos: