How To Make Money From Famous Music

What’s up guys. This Youtube method i’m about to share is an O.G but a few days ago i randomly saw on youtube some guys who were still pulling off some good numbers so I thought i’d share this for the newcomers or for whoever doesn’t already know this twist.

This method is very easy and fast. To get started you just need to create a youtube channel. Why? Maybe you didn’t know, but it is possible to publish music from the top current artists without getting flagged or banned for copyright. And while doing so, you can leech tons of free traffic and monetize from it. Amazing! How do you do that?

Here’s how you do it:

First, you need a yt channel with 4000 watchtime hours. If you have it, congratulations! If you don’t, it’s no big deal. Just upload a couple of long random videos on your newly-created yt channel. Then with little money you can buy the watchtime hours from Kimive or any other smm panel that has yt watchtime hours ( don’t worry you’ll always need a monetizing yt channel at a moment in your life, it’s a good investment. )

Name your channel with something that reminds of music industry.

Then you search any artist name + “unreleased” or “spoiler” on youtube. Use a youtube-to-mp3 web tool to download any song you want.

Re-upload the songs with a different name using the “unreleased” or “spoiler” tag after the name of the song.

(optional) You can boost the views initially with some fake views and likes if you want.

Repeat those steps over and over and profit!

Since the songs aren’t released under any record label, you can upload these for fair-rights use and monetize through yt ads and cpa/merch or you can sell the channel when it gains some traction!

Nav - Freak Hoe (Official Audio) unreleased

NAV - Tryna Eat [Official Audio]