How To Make Massive Income Easily


I’m going to show you how I’m making 1k to 5k each month easily!
It literally takes 10 minutes of your time to make that money, it all depends on you if you take action or not

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I will try it

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Great content but it does not work that easily now . Here is why.

1 BNB >500$ during previous 2 markets crashes too
The pressing question - How much token will you get?

Allocation(how much you get) = (Amount committed by you/total amount committed by all people)* Total supply
Here is latest example:

I staked 2.9 bnb but here are results


My allocation = (2.9/8989535.0164)*30000000=9.67791991925

Everything in short

So investing 1700 USD returns in ~10 TOKENS WHICH WERE 3 DOLLAR CURRENTLY.

P.S. How many tokens you get depends on how many total amounts were deposited by them. SO even if you have 10 BNB you will not be allowed to buy tokens with the full amount.

Hope this helps

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Sadly since this is a safe method. I will also agree it is a 100% guaranteed to get you profit but to get some significant amount, you need to have a large capital.

SO Money Earned depends on how much you start with. Also, launches are not that frequent on Binance

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