How To Make High Qaulity Combos Like A Pro

This guide will show how to create combolists step by step including all the necessary tools.


  • Now first download this pack. Everything in this pack works, make sure to use sandboxie in your rdp/vps, especially for ez dork gen!!!

Getting dorks

  • To start off open up ‘Ez Dork gen’. Put in your keywords. (you can use google keywords, just login, enter a keyword and copy all the results)
  • Back to ez dork gen, now click generate, might lagg because of multitude of dorks, once it’s done copy all your dorks put them in a .txt-file. (1M Gaming dorks have been included.)

Getting links

  • Open gold dork parser, put in your dorks, threads depend on your RDP, but I use 400. Set page to 5 and click Start. (Proxies will slow down your parsing, you can copy private links at the bottom of the program.)

Getting DB

  • Go to SiteHunter and put the links you got from the parser into the input.txt, run it and wait for it to finish.

  • Now go to SQLI 8.5 import the links in output.txt from SiteHunter.

  • Go to Exploitables start it, wait for it to finish. Do the same for Injectables. (Put threads as high as you can)

  • Now we’re almost done, in the injectables tab at the bottom click on + (Search columns/tables…), select email/user and password and click start.

  • Popup will show up, find the ones with 10K or more dumps. Right click that link in your injectables URL tab and click go to new dumper.

  • In the new dumper instance click get tables, look for the users table click on it, now click get columns. Select what you want ex. email, passwords. Click Dump data and export your combo once done. (select threads and put on 50 for faster loading)


  • Now open up Bluecode hashfinder and get your combos dehashed.

Tip: For cleaning your combos, you can simply use notepad++, delete duplicate lines, bad passwords (google the codes to put in find and replace)

(Don’t forget to run ALL downloads in sandboxie/vm on RDP to KEEP YOURSELF SAFE!)