How To Make HD Word Lists For Password Cracking & Making Dorks | Custom Website Targets✔️

You would need to produce your own custom wordlists at some point when you are in this cracking or hacking field.

Its obvious that you need them to crack passwords and making dorks; so the more you have them lists, the more you get a high chance to crack the password.

This is advanced tool made from the ruby scripted tool which targets websites collect unique words for the wordlist. No extra downloads and no child’s work. Only need internet access.

What you need?

  • A linux machine
  • Internet access
  • The target site which you need to make the wordlists from
  1. Open up terminal and git clone this site :
  2. Thats it !! Thats the tool you need to make the custom wordlists for specific sites.

You can specify in your terminal like:

cewl " example)"

That will generally scrape through the whole website and find you the unique keywords which generally can’t be made by any online free generators. This tool spiders a given URL to a specified depth, optionally following external links, and returns a list of words which can then be used for password crackers.