How To Make Good Money | Technique & Trick

Today I’ll share with you an UHQ method that probably so many know about and probably won’t tell you.

Please follow this little guide step by step in order to make some good $$ daily !

Today we will be talking about CPA (Cost per action). In order to not make this guide so long, I’ll briefly explain CPA for you !

CPA is an online advertising measurement and pricing model referring to a specified action, for example, a sale, click, or form submit.

In other words, you get paid for every action done by the person you targeted. And that’s what we will be doing ! We will send Ads for peoples to do for us and WE get paid !

We will be looking at CPAGrip

-Create an account (this is easy don’t need to explain how)

-After logged in you’ll be here

-Navigate to My Offers

- Here you can see a HUGE variety of offers, you can chose a target country (for example USA)

-A list of available US offers will show up

*Type: Offer can be done on Mobile and/or Desktop

*Category: What does the target needs to do in order for you to get paid (for example install an IOS game , Email/Zip code submit)

*Payout: The amount of money you get if you get a lead !

P.S: I highly recommend Email/Zip code submission offers as they are easy to get leads from !

-Chose the offer that you want to promote

So you’ll say “How the fuck am I going to advertise this ?”. It’s so simple, and there are two options:

1-Bulk email sending.

2-SMS bulk sending.

I do not recommend email sending as there is a high chance that your emails will end up in the junk folder, so let’s look at option number 2.

SMS sending is simple and there is alot of SMS bulk sending providers out there.

You’ll say “But that’s alot of fooking money to put on SMS sending”. Yeah you’re right, but you don’t have to buy SMS sending from the begining.

There is an app called TextNow (I’m sure you are familiar with it) that allows you to send FREE SMS to the US and Canada WHICH IS PRETTY GREAT !

So the only thing you need now Number leads (I’ll make another guide on how to get Valid Number leads if I have a good feedback on this guide) and you are good to go !!

The process is almost 100% automatic, you send the offers to the Number leads you have, then lay down and watch money go into your account pretty good right ?

I hope I explained at least 80% of what CPA is all about.

Happy learning!


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