How To Make Good Money By Purchasing & Selling

How To Make Good Money By Purchasing & Selling


1- Amazon account
2- Refund service
3- Paxful account

How you can make eazy m0n3y through our service and physical gift cards?

1- Go to amazon and look for the gift card that you want to buy, but you must be sure that it is a physical card
[It is better to buy Amazon/iTunes/Google Play gift cards]

2- Place the order, and when the product arrives at your doorstep

3- contact us, to make a refund for you and we will return the amount you paid

4- after the money is returned to your bank account

5- go to and create account

6- you will need to verify the account with your ID

7- after you verify your account, display the gift card you purchased for sale

8- when you sell the card, the buyer will pay with crypto [btc/eth/ltc…etc]

9- once the money reaches your wallet

10- Go to Fella Exch best server to exchange crypto to pp


This way you will make a lot of easy money

Refund service:

Note: You don’t have to use above discord services, you can find any other one, but these services are fast AF and the cheapest in the market

Happy learning!