How To Make Free RDP/VPS For 12 Hours To 1 Month | 2020

You Can Create up to a minimum of 12 hours to 1 month or 1 yr {It depends on effort!}

  • Goto this link** Click here **and Register for new account [ Note: Use @gmail , @outlook , @hotmal , @yahoo ] don’t use tempmail !

  • Create an account, and email will come with account login email & password

  • Login with the password given on email (You can change the password)

  • Refresh the page, You can see that 0.10$ has been provided on account (Only use this email for the credits)

  • Now You can make an RDP/VPS,

  • Click on Create Server

  • Choose your OS and Specs

  • Low Specs = 12 hr RDP

  • high specs = 1hr RDP

  • All OS are available Linux & Windows, Nobody needs MacOS

  • Then you can share your referral or just refer bypass it to gain unlimited credits

  • You can get your referral link on the “partners” Tab

  • Enjoy your high-speed RDP

  • and like if you want an RDP cracking Course .

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Signed up using your referral link but did not get the 0.10$ Credit.


he didnt mention that you need to use US IP VPN to create the account. not testing it, just saw it on youtube.

I made 2 accounts using your referral link but none of them got any credits

fake post only making referals.