How To Make Easy Cash In 2021 With Social Engineering!

Since a lot of people don’t read the social engineering section I’m just going to write this here.

Since you want to make some easy cash and are prolly tired of searching, try social engineering, here is a quick guide I made:

It’ll be worth your comment, I’ve posted this in the SE category before but I think a lot of people are missing out that want to make cash…

So, you most likely have 0 or close to no experience, so let me just quickly explain what Social Engineering is about.

What you’re going to be doing is taking an advantage of companies warranty policies.
Basically you want to pretend that a product that “you have” is not working. - Which you don’t but we don’t need to worry about that.

Understand? Good.

So how do you start? Let’s start with something real easy! Food/Drinks whatever you can find in your local supermarket let’s for example try pringles, you’ll just hop into your local supermarket, snap some pictures of the serial numbers on the bottom of the can and then go home.

You open pringleses support site and choose your region and fill the information needed. The reason for contact must be why the product didnt work, in our case didnt taste well, just make up something random, like them being wet or whatever, they’ll say how sorry they’re and ask for your shipping address and boom, you just SEd a company! Grats.

You think this is way too easy?
Then let’s move on to electronics.

Probably the most known company to SE electronics from is Logitech, which kinda became random but its still not that hard.

What you’ll need:

  1. A fake invoice (POP)
  2. Serial number (Preferably a 2020 or 2021 s/n)
  3. A video of the issue/photo (depending on the region)
  4. Luck

  1. Make a fake invoice, just get a invoice that you got from a legit order of anything you ordered online and edit it in adobe acrobat reader to say the product name and change the price.
  2. Ebay
  3. Find a supplier for those vids here on nulled.
  4. Self-explanatory, logitech decline even tickets from legit customers.

We’ll basically just copy the process as with the pringles. You go to logitech’s support site and fill the info they need, after you make it they’ll go through some troubleshooting steps with you and you just have to say that none of them worked.

Now, in the next mail they’ll ask for video/pic of the product/issue, POP and your shipping address, you send that and pray that it goes through.

If it does, grats, you’ll get an email saying that your replacement was approved, if not just try again.

Yeah, and if that works, appreciate the share!



thanks bro I will try​:grin::relaxed::grin::relaxed:

wow this seems time consuming and a prayer nice thought i may give it a shot thks Mate

Then I would choose an item that’s worth your time, like a Tesla.

I remember when you could go in a Best Buy and head over to the product pickup area, most of the time, you could see the products with an item number and name attached. Once you pick the ones you want, go to an employee that visually looks like they’re about to quit work any second and say, “I have a pick up for a DELL laptop, last name Jones. Someone here told me it will be ready. I have my car double-parked” and then they will toss it to you and now you have a new laptop. Ahhh, those were the days.

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