How To make A Chime Bank Account

How to make a Chime Bank Account - Full Guide

  • Softwares Needed To Download: Splitcam, LDPlayer9

  • Proxy Suggestions, 922 Socks5 Proxy, MaskFog, DigiProxy, Socks.BZ Proxy.

  • Number Services To Use: Talkatone, PhoneBlur, PingME

So, for chime It’s more of a confusing process, you’ll need to complete the process on the mobile emulator, for splitcam to work you need your main webcam disabled. Once you enter the information for chime and reach the verification page, open the document images in splitcam, then rotate it so it matches the frame of which chime wants you to scan, once you recieve selfie, just make sure it’s straight and positioned, then your done.