How To Make $50+ Per Month On Twitch, YouTube And Trovo


We all know how annoying Twitch ad botting can be, with problems like

  • Failed payouts
  • Random bans
  • People calling you out
  • Huge investments
  • Unreliable tools

This method doesn’t have any issues like that. It’s completely free to use, and can get you tons of earnings in just a few days.

1 - Preparations
This method uses a website to exchange views with other people. Using this, you can earn views with little to no effort, and go from 0 viewers to 30+ in a matter of hours.

1.1 - Streaming
The first thing you need is an account. For this method, I suggest using Twitch, but Trovo and YouTube work as well, just less well. So, I suggest registering a Twitch account. You can register one for free, or use an account you already have. You DON’T have to buy an affiliate account, like many methods ask you to do, as you can gain one in less than a week with this method. Set a profile picture, bio, and everything else to make your account look professional.

You’ll also need to set up streaming software, and I recommend OBS Studio for that.

1.2 - ViewerStorm
Before you go googling this site, I suggest you use my referral link, as it gives us both extra tokens (extra money ;3). If you don’t want to support me, though, here’s a non-ref link

When you register on this site, your first step is to click on “My Streams” and add your account

2 - Tokens = Views
Tokens are your gateway to free views, and as such, free money.
With a free account, I suggest using the Automatic Viewer, which will earn you 0.75 tokens for a 15 minute session, or 3 tokens an hour. This doesn’t sound like much, but it really adds up. Free accounts have a limit of 20 automatic views per day, or 15 tokens, so once you’ve used those up go to the Click2View viewer. With this viewer, you can earn 6 tokens an hour, but you need to manually start the next stream each time it ends. Below is a chart of all 3 viewers the site offers, and their benefits/drawbacks

Once you have enough tokens (50+ is what I’d suggest) it’s time to start streaming. Launch your streaming software, go live, and enable your stream in the “My Streams” panel on ViewerStorm. You’ll see views start to rake in easily

3 - Twitch Affiliate
To earn Twitch Affiliate, you need to:

  • Reach 50 followers
  • Stream for 8 hours
  • Stream on 7 different days
  • Maintain an average of 3 viewers

This can all be done in your first 7 days, and will be dead easy with ViewerStorm.

Once you’re a Twitch affiliate, all you have to do is keep streaming, and making easy money

4 - Maximizing Earnings
Most of your views will be automated, so worrying about feelings isn’t your main concern. Once you have affiliate, go to your affiliate settings and turn your ad schedule to maximum, to ensure you’re making the most money you can out of your viewers. Once you notice human viewers start to chat, I’d suggest turning this down, as you’ve reached the point where you can make money from keeping viewers happy, instead of spamming ads.

I’d also like to point out that ViewerStorm incentivises the use of Coil, a micro-monetization extension, so you’ll be earning extra money from that as well (I’ve made $8 from viewers using Coil already!)

5 - Other steps
Viewerstorm has multiple other features that will help you earn EXTRA VIEWS.

  • First of all, remember to check out the daily bonus, as you can earn 1-15 extra tokens every day from that.
    - If you upgrade, you get “StormPasses”, which give you up to 500 views for FREE without using your tokens
  • Raid Rewards give you tokens if you raid fellow members when you finish your stream, rewarding you further.
  • The “Get Featured / Eye of the Storm” setting gives you UNLIMITED views for a whole hour! This can make you tons of money. Because of how lucrative this is, you have to bid for the hour’s spot, so I suggest using this at times where the site is less busy.