How To Make 50$ Per Day With Silent Mining!

Requires: .NET Framework 4…6Mm4vgQscLkLvcY



Thanks for the share. I tried to run after following your guide, I could see the process running for a few sec and then it just disappears. Moreover, Sometimes it says “Windows can’t run this app” in a dialog box. Am I doing something wrong here?

I am from Colombia, can this work for me?

Is the file a virus? My computer keeps placing it under quarantine, won’t run. Has anybody tested if these files are safe?


You should try it on virtual machine. Like WMvare or VirtualBox.

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I tried it on windows sandbox, not issues. So I can only mine in sandbox?

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If it’s working fine and you have no issues, or viruses you can do it on your own PC. If I download any kind of software, first I always try it on VM.

So I can disable my firewall and antivirus after testing in the sandbox?


I think yes but it’s my own opinion.

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Put it on a VM machine, it will be better

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Yes, the antivirus will detect. But if you turn it off then it could be working fine!

The download is no longer available…please can someone reshare…thanks

i need this link

please renew link

Someone kindly upload and assist us with link
Here is it guys!

any proof of collection guys?


I think its other way around they will mine our PC and they will have monero hahaha


Yah! the only techy you understand this :smiley:

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