How To Make 50$ A Day While Watching Netflix

Wassup guys,

in this post I will teach some kids how to make some legit money, no illegal base, they shouldn’t be doing. So if you’re not into making clean money (like me lmao) just skip this post, it’s not for you! If you are into making 100-200$ a day legally, then this IS for you! You could even do it while watching Netflix if you want, so let’s get started:

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Happy learning!


It appears that they want a certain amount of money to be paid to them every month. Are aware of this?
See screen shot.Capture


I thought this was to make money for yourself and not give money away

Why is it that guides like this that are scams and I’ve said many times before this particular money making technique is a scam, they get allowed but the money making methods I post which aren’t scams and cost you nothing never get allowed
Check this site that confirms it’s a SCAM Paid Online Writing Jobs Review - a Scam or Legitimate? (

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