How To Make 5$ A Day!

How we are going to do this, you might ask…

You will sell your bandwidth.[Don’t worry, you will sell just unused bandwidth so you will be safe, no high pings or interrupting issues]

Firstly, you will go on this site: and make an account!

Then download and install the app for mobile and PC! [YES YOU CAN SHARE YOUR MOBILE DATA TOO ON YOUR PHONE!]

Secondly, start it and watch your balance grow! [Don’t worry it will update on the site just be patient.]

PS: It can slightly differ your income[!It depends on your location and your internet connection!]

You can withdraw via Paypal or BTC! Minimum: 5$

Happy learning!


What do they do with our bandwidth?

The convert your residential ip to proxy.
And when someone use your ip, you get money.


My earning!!!


is it safe?


wow … can you help me? thanks

Thanks but I can’t install app for this on PC.
IPRoyalPawnsSetup.exe was deleted by antivirus because it said it’s a trojan.

I’ve BITDEFENDER but it didn’t warn me about anything and its working pretty good.


“And when someone use your ip, you get money”
That just scared me, isn’t it dangerous if anyone do downloads or torrenting using your ip and you don’t know it ?
Or is it safe?

i have tried several methods here and i just wasted my time, i am already running the application, i want to know how long it takes to get at least 1 usd? i am waiting for the answer, thank you.

it seems like it give 1 cent for every 50 MB of data. I don’t know if they have different rates for different countries.Try yourself and update me too if you get different rates.

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From what i saw from good utubers using this , they said 5usd is only for start they give u , but next on using the app is average u got about 100 usd per/ year … …ok… not like 10 or 20 usd per 100 GB or so … nono BS… it is like 100 usd per year average… n thisis like using long time the net during day or so… thisis wht they said it few of them … same with similar apps like this one too average abuot 100 usd per year… point is u can use this one on different IP’s devices… like if u have few old mobs n laps u can connect n u can make about 100usd/year 5 devices if u have or so its about 500 usd/yr… this is what i heard from thsoe utubers… if anyone knows more or already tested this write it…

Don’t sell your privacy for few bucks !
They literally will sell ur IP as a proxy and will make the reverse connection. so anyone can use ur IP for anything and u don’t know what he/she will be doing with that but in the end, it’s your IP !!


NAH! NAH! NAH! You got it wrong brother this service is not to become a millionaire nor to make enough money to even pay your internet bills. This is just for something like I’m trying to learn FOREX and I’ve already wasted about $50 of mine and now I don’t want to waste more money so I’ll use this to earn about $10-15 so when the next time I’ll deposit my money and if unfortunately somehow I lose my money again, I won’t lose 100% of my own money. This is just my "POV":stuck_out_tongue: about this.


legit but not safe :slight_smile:

I wonder if i can use cracked rdp for this :)))))

They ban your account if used in RDP :frowning_face: