How To Make 30$+ Per Hour | Legit Method

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Chaturbate AFK Money Method
100-150$ an hour using this method (Pays out in bitcoin)

Site that explains how the referral program works -

How it works in simple terms:
Each person that signs up for an account will generate you $1.00. We have developed an undetectable script using AutoHotkey that automates this process.
The script will abuse the referral program sign up for accounts at an extremely fast rate, and uses a VPN to bypass captchas and make this process fully undetected by the chaturbate staff

Downloads Needed
All the 5 downloads below are absolutely needed, except for Atomic wallet which is optionable
-NordVPN (We will provide accounts once you purchase the script)
-Atomic wallet (preferred btc wallet)
-Get the Script We provide NordVPN with the script