How To Make 100% Private Combolists Without Breach Sites

Hello so in this tutorial i show you guys how you can make private combolists from your old lists with an easy method.

  1. First of all we need Combo Editor by XRisky

VT: https://www.virustot…127d0/detection…xRisky_v1.0_rar

  1. Next step you need to use user:pass (conver ur email:pass lists)

  2. Step If you have user:pass list open the software go to filter combo, load the list save user and save pass

  3. Step The usernames saved in a file open it via notepad++ copy and paste it in a txt file save

  4. Step Go back to the software choose user to mail, only add 1 domain combine and save

  5. Step Next goto combo combiner choose the emails what you created before (without pws) and choose the pws what you saved before

  6. Step Combine and save,the software saved ur combolist in file open it with notepad++ copy the list and save in txt file

Thats all your combolist is ready

The combolist will be private, but lq enjoy.

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