How To Make 1 To 30$ Daily | Easy!

  1. Go to this site: NO 0.50$ BONUS or YOU GET 0.50$ BONUS
  2. Register, and Navigate to Social Activity, that’s pretty much everything you need.
  3. Now it’s a part where you need to invest your time, or just mass create INSTAGRAM accounts, with bots if you have it, if not you need to create INSTAGRAM accounts manually, still you need VPN. So pretty much, more INSTAGRAM accounts you create and add to the robot who does all the work, more you earn, quite straight forward.


Robot can do 16-72 actions per day, 1 action is worth 0.0005$ so let’s say Robot does 72 actions per day with 1 account that’s already 0.036$ let’s say you have 1000 accounts added, 0.036 x 1000 = 36$/Day , so that’s everything you need to know, withdraw minimum is 10$ , only Payeer - PerfectMoney at the moment, but soon I guess there’s going to be more. If you’re really passionate about making money in this method all you need to do is invest time creating Instagram accounts and you can earn money while you sleep

Happy learning!


Any insta account buying services ??


Any account creating methods ?

can you provide the bot please and its process’s how to run a bot?
waiting for your reply

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I,m a seller of IG accounts.

I work with here in Brazil, which is a service similar to this.

PM me

please share the bot :disappointed_relieved:


this is a tested method, i have been using it and earned alot and i am still earning. try it out guys and if you need to buy instagram accounts in bulk you can hit me up on telegram @eminem2flex

Can you plz share some proof of earning from this method

is there any proof of earning?
is there any way to create 1000 INSTAGRAM account or i have to do it manually?
can anyone share details how to do this…?