How to learn and pursue a career in machine learning / data science in 2020

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I decided to write this article in order to help you fellow learners on how to get started with data science or machine learning even if you are just starting with this field. I will guide you with each and every steps.

Tips to be successful if you are already learning it.

  • Make an account on and keep practicing on datasets every day.
  • Make sure you are implementing every mathematical detail you learn on python and saving it for future reference.
  • Don’t dive into a topic too deep. Dont forget you are learning machine learning and not some statistics stuff. Dont think you need to know each and everything under the hood.
  • You don’t need to know each and every algorithm to be successful. Just know, how it works and try to know why it works, if you don’t know, it’s cool too.
  • Try to tweak and be curious on data.
  • Be sure you can visualize the data as much as you can do mathematical analysis.

—For Beginners—

Start with Datacamp

For a beginner, datacamp is the best choice to get started in this field. Datacamp is a paid course to start but don’t worry I will guide you on how to get free for 2 months and 6 months of datacamp subscription.

If you think 2 month is too less to learn, don’t worry this is just to build a foundation level knowledge of data, statistics on this field.

  • Go to this link and create a Microsoft account.
  • Then you are eligible to get two months of free datacamp subscription by going into and click on join dev essentials.
  • Scroll down and you will see datacamp activate the promo code and you will get 2 months of free access on all course.

For 6 months you need to do a longer process, go to and apply as a student, you need to submit your school/college ID Card to get verified. Once verified, you will get access to 200+ free learning sites and platforms.

Learn Maths

After you complete the course on datacamp, you are ready to learn maths. I am suggesting you two best sites to learn mathematics here.

Both of these courses are very important for data science and machine learning.

Learn Probability and Statistics as much as you can, I recommend this book.

Coursera Courses

After this, you are ready to go with coursera deep learning courses.

I will list some best specializations here, you can read all of them for free and apply for financial aid which will surely get accepted.

By this time, you will know yourself what to learn and what to skip.


Thank you for putting this out together. But isn’t datacamp said to be more theoretical ? And machine learning is a field where you need more hands-on knowledge. I am not saying the content is of poor quality but it is more like fill in the blanks.

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yes. but it’s good for beginners. it is useful to get motivation in this field, learn some useful syntax of python and DS libraries.


thanks man

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Thanks a ton man. I am planning to move my career into data science. It will definitely help me to get started.

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Terrific! Very useful and succinct information

To get this free follow instructions

1- create outlook mail (it’s free)
2- visit
3- click join now or get access now
4 - countine after filling in (auto)
5- done. Enjoy free dev. essentials free

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@SaM Dear Sam, i want to learn blockchain and make enough projects on that, could you help me ??

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