How To Know If Your Accounts Get Hacked/Leaked + Learn How To Fix It!

Hello Guys, Today I’m sharing with you a very important Tutorial to know if your accounts get hacked /Leaked, and how to fix it. this is the most popular highly used method. safe & secure.

This is very important to not get your personal information & privacy threat

  1. Go to

  2. In the mail section, put your email then click “pwned”

i) If you get a red warning, that means that your email has already been leaked (then scroll down the page for more information)

ii) If you get a green warning, that means that your email still private and safe

  1. Go to password section, then put one of your passwords then click “pwned”

i) Red warning = pwned / Leaked , Green warning = safe & private

How to Fix it?:

  • Enable 2FA on your accounts, that too important and the most useful

  • If get your mail/pass pwned, go directly change your passwords from showed websites

  • Use always strong passwords, and don’t use the same password on every website.

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