How To Keep Ordering On The Same Store

  1. First of all use a different device everytime you want to order on the same website (so until creating an account, use a different device or spoof a new one with Chameleon extension: https://addons.mozil…ox…eleon-ext/ )
  2. After you spoofed everything on Chameleon or even got another real device, get a residential ip (NOT A SHARED ONE OR EVEN VPN). A residential ip means an ip that most of the time is not flagged on any website and it will be used by you. Yes, you will be the one and only using that ip.
  3. If you got a residential ip from the same country you are ordering from will be perfect (so for example if you are looking to order from and you are from Germany, get a residential ip from Canada, not from Germany)
  4. Create the account with info that was not added on that website ever again (add typos on your address or if you got a drop, you can skip this step because this way you bypass avs – amazon verification system). Typos means extra letters or less letters. For example if you ordered in the past to your address and you wrote “ Street Joe 2”, now go with “St. Joe 2” or “St. Joe nr. 2”, be creative.
  5. Add your VCC from the previous PDF file you’ve read regarding VCCs and what you have to use. If you don’t got any VCCs you are forced to use giftcards (keep in mind this is a very good thing for cancelling since amazon does not cancel orders paid via giftcards)
  6. Add at least 2 items on your cart daily for at least 7 days.
  7. Keep in mind you have to add products needed too, so for example if you are looking to purchase 2 macbooks, add first macbook to the cart in the second day and the second MacBook in the 4rd day. (do extra browsing on the website everyday, even tho you are not adding anything to the cart)
  8. After 7 days passed, remove all other products from your cart.
  9. Your order will pass most of security systems (one of the hardest systems: Amazon, Walmart, Target, CostCo)
  10. Wait for delivery.
  11. Refund your order.
  12. Wait at least 1 month after refund was done (in the same time, do daily browsing and repeat the cart trick with adding random products to it)
  13. After 1 month, order again and do the same process on the same account (you will bypass most of the security systems without problems, if you don’t want to risk getting blocked or even locked, go ahead and create a new account spoofing a brand new device and getting a brand new residential IP)



the link to the extension is not correct

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