How To Install MeGUI & How Updates Works!

Hi…this is a gem that I have posted on many sites earlier in the past, It was me all the time who invented this guide on internet globe at many sites and many forums that no longer exists or shut down later!

What is MeGUI?

This software is an encoding tool, to encode movies or videos to different bitrate or reduce the movie file size like 1 GB to 350MB file.

This thread will explain how to install and updates works because a lot of users face trouble while installing or update.

Today I’ll show you How To Install MeGUI & How Updates Works Follow me & have rest of good installation!!

Now Install Your MeGUI First, Then Update. continue reading and be careful with all the steps.

Before I start typing let me tell you why I decided to make this thread, I received a lot pm’s within every week, few visitors, friends, still having questions about installation missing, so I decided to share this secret with all of you, and I made it with fresh installation into my PC every screenshot collected during installation, and with this help anyone can install & have rest of encoding movies.

Shall we start? Alright then!!

First of all softwares & programs you need:

  1. K-Lite Codec
  2. Microsoft’s .NET Framework
  3. ffdshow (32bit or 64bit)
  4. x264 (32bit or 64bit)
  5. Preferred Filter Tweaker for Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit)
  6. Avisynth_260
  7. mkvtoolnix-unicode-6.1.0-setup
  8. megui- Or use version 2525 to start

Let me make it easy anyway!!

Download The Torrent, It Contains All The Tools & Things You Need To Start Following Installation:
[1Hack.Us] MeGUI Encoding Tools & Programs.torrent (19.0 KB)

After installing 7 above-listed programs, Now Run MeGUI setup:

Select location & it should be C: Program Files (Win7/10) For Xp C: Program

Go To Start Menu here & start first Run

When it will open then after a few secs a new window will pop up. Click > Yes

Keep scrolling down & make sure each box have been check marked. and Click > Update

Next Pop Up

Check mark all boxes & press > import.

Check > don’t ask me again > Overwrite

Checkmark all boxes > Import.

Press > Yes > and wait until MeGUI main window will appear on the screen.

After it appeared, again it will ask you to updates, just do it exactly i did. follow the action 1 & 2 carefully, i wrote on screenshots.

Make sure all boxes check marked & Press > Update.

Check mark all boxes & press > Import. do the same thing again on the next window.

Restart MeGUI by pressing > Yes

Now take a look inside the options what we have now & what missing?

No Worries fellas I’m still here to sort it out

Now open my downloaded torrent folder.
Find > NeroAACCodec-1.5.4.Rar folder.
Extract files > Win32 > copy 3 available file > paste them to > C: Program Files/megui (Overwrite if it asked you) See below:

‘‘if you’re with Linux then open Linux folder & copy 3 files from it to paste here’’

Alright!! lets do this fellas > Go Back To MeGUI main screen & do exactly which i did.
Option > Settings

Tab > External Program Configuration

Check mark > Enable NeroAacEnc > new window will pop up > just press > Ok.

Now select the location where you have pasted those 3 Nero Aaccode files?
Just go to this location ‘‘C: Program Files/megui’’ and select a file available there > neroAacEnc.exe > Press > Save.

(I’ve fast & already selected file, that’s why you guys seeing this file already in there, I went back to get screenshot from here) anyway, keep focus.

Okay now step 2 to import all profiles into MeGUI.
find > allprofiles .Rar (Do not open folder which already listed into my torrent) okay Right-click on allprofiles.rar file > Extract files > and copy the folder which is inside the allprofiles folder. open it and then copy the available folder.
See below:

Double click on it and copy the same-named folder from it.

(Or else you can just copy & paste the allprofile folder which is already available into torrent)

Go to ‘‘C: Program Files/megui’’ and paste this folder here by replacing previous one. Overwrite it.

Now close MeGUI & Open it again.
if you see this message then press > Ok

nothing wrong happened. it just need one more restart. Close & Restart MeGUI again.

Now see what we have into options…

Remember: before you complain that MeGUI did not store allprofiles? then please Close & Restart MeGUI as I told if not works then Restart your PC/Laptop and try again by opening MeGUI. After doing this if still no luck? Then Check the allprofile folder in ‘‘C: Program Files/megui’’ and see if your system missed any profile folder or try to repeat that part again carefully.

Hola Hola!! all done here!!

Okay I spend 3 hours from fresh installation, screenshots, and creating this thread, at least I made something to help you out, and I hope you guys will appreciate my work. if you still have any question then feel free and ask me through pm or leave a post below.

Thanks For Reading Fellas!! Enjoy!

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Regards, SaM


Thank you @SaM :+1:


hi, I know its late sorry for that but anyone pls provide me the “allprofiles.rar” file as i have downloaded all those 7 upper listed files manually but i don’t know where to find the allprofiles.rar file and the torrent is not downloading which is reasonable as it is going to be 1 year.Thanks!

sorry to irritate you over and over again but the download of the above torrent started after i requested you but stuck at 31% please allprofiles.rar is not available on Internet(as of my searching) (most of the links are expired), it’s like people got a new method to decrease the video file size or they are fine downloading and keeping big file size.

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File Replaced with fresh one, kindly, start downloading. the previous one was wiped from the torrent client. sorry for the inconvenience :slight_smile:

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Thank you very - very much!, this is going to make a good usage of my storage

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Glad you got the new torrent link.

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:+1: thanks!

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hi, i am really left out here tried with various versions of megui 0.3, 2525, 2913, 2876, 2050, in 0.3 it lets me to confirm to update and restart megui and after that run updater error,[Annotation 2020-05-17 143215(

) (ss of 2913, 2876 version when i click config button in video encoding), and in 2050 version unable to update 7 resources and it prompts me again and again to restart and update, i know its my fault somewhere but checked everything twice, tried disabling antivirus also, It would be really-really nice of someone to give some other tricks or tweaks/should know’s to get it to working before i finally think of other means, or some other less sophisticated tools to do the same job. Thanks for your precious time !!

How To Set HandBrake For Encoding x265/HEVC Videos In Smaller Size But Better Quality! (You can chose x264 as well to encode, a few changes may require)

About the above error, Probably some values setting messing with, nothing else. PM me for further queries if required.

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Shows “couldnt run updater”

can you please renew the screenshot?

Each and every image working like a charm, so why would I renew them?
You must check your internet connection for page loading else check your browser if it messing with page speed or something!

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