How to install .exe file in Sony bravia Andriod tv? Need Help

Hi Friends,

During this lockdown period i dont have any option outside to buy laptop but I made my sony bravia tv as my computer by installing imporatant apps like skype, linkdin e.t.c but the problem is these apps are not fully functionally. I would like to learn excel vba and also need to install tableau software. so to work like a windows machine i installed “EXagear windows emulator " but it is throwing an error saying failed license verification buy from google play store” but its not compatable with my device so not showing in google play store to skipe this license verification i downloaded “lucky patcher” but not working in my tv device and again did some research found “limbo” but its not full functional".

right now i’m looking for a virtual machine or any method i can download exe files or connect to machine to continue my excel vba practice and other programmes if requires. Please some one help me how to work on this problem?

Thank you for your time.

you better use an RDP instead of wasting time on windows emualtors on android ! if you cant afford an RDP use this it’s free but only for 30 min per session.

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