How To Increase Youtube Views/Subscriber And Make Money With Youtube!

Some of you might know this method already but share to be shared :wink: Give it a try!

Step 1.

Click on this link

Sign up then go to your RDP. Install Firefox and login with the account you just created.

Step 2.

Go to this link

and login with your google account (recommend using clone or dump account. Don’t use ur main)

Setup a auto mouse clicker i recommend delay 5-10s for the page to load properly. Then set it up for auto click on “Subscribe” button.

Every sub you got 25 credit for that. (Just google if udk what auto mouse clicker is LOL. Google is FREE).

Step 3

When you reached 100 credit. Create your first campaign here

and select campaign type you want to increase VIEW/SUB/LIKE and fill all the info then save it.

Now here’s the good part.

Click here to get your link for every referral sign up with your link. You’ll get 2000 credit and 10% commission of them.

BOUNS: Once you have over 5,000 points, cash out by clicking Loyalty Program(located on the left-hand menu), then Prizes. There you can choose if you want the money to be paid into your PayPal account or paid in bitcoin.

This tut sent by Outsider fan, credit to him. enjoy learning! :slight_smile:


Will try this. Thanks a lot.


Thanks boss


I don,t see any loyalty program on the left hand menu.
Does this really work ?

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It’s not exactly loyalty program on the menu but what you need to search for is the prizes.

are you talking about Transfer credit option ??

What great timing @SaM; I’m just about to start my YouTube Channel in the coming week. Shall give this a shot asap.