How To Increase Your Reddit Karma

Don’t use more than one Reddit account on each browser. Don’t log into more than one account in the same browser, and use caution even in Incognito mode as it could be detected as a different browser.

Avoid doing things that could raise red flags, like bothering other users or breaking subreddit rules. Since individual IPs are accessible to Reddit administrators, it is advisable to maintain a low profile. Select locations for your posts carefully, choosing areas that will not be closely scrutinized.

To keep things calm and collected, don’t post more than four times an hour.
Now, here’s the easiest way to improve your post karma and comment karma at the same time:
a) Post a collection of celebrity images with an emphasis on somewhat well-known or well-known on the internet,
For the first two days after your profile is created, only post on relevant subreddits. Wait until after this initial period to try posting pictures. You are welcome to participate in subreddits devoted to one-liner jokes and ideas, though.

You should think about posting photos to these subreddits to get your karma farming journey started:
Kim Kardashian Pictures, Rihanna, Kanye, and Celebrity Feet

Try these subreddits for text-based posts:
r/AskReddit r/ShowerThoughts r/UnpopularOpinion r/Jokes

With any luck, this list will provide you the motivation you need to successfully traverse Reddit. Savor the trip x