How To Increase Snapscore Like Pro

Note : While I believe this is the first time you guys will have heard about this method , I’m not sure for certain. Sorry if it’s already been released!

I came up with this a while ago and it doesn’t seem like something sellable as it’s not really “my resources” - you’ll see what i mean when you see the method…

Works best if you have an android (if you got a pc, I highly recommend bluestacks as it won’t run out of battery, and has other perks)

Had to use a throwbin as it was getting flagged for javascript stuff idk - NOTE - IT IS NOT EVEN A PROGRAM AND ITS JUST TEXT ON A TEXT SHARING SITE


So, everyone knows about adding lots of celebs and messaging them photos for ez snap score.
(You can do this with multisnap and get 10x as much)

Anyways, my method revolves around automating it.

So, just to clarify.
Add loads of celebs, inactives , bots - whatever.

Use an android - autoclickers don’t seem to work on iphone

App name “Auto Clicker - Automatic tap”
I’m sure other apps do the same purpose but here’s the one that’s said to be easiest

Once you install it and give it perms there are 2 configs I recommend setting up

It’s pretty easy to learn how to set it up so yeah - just do as i say.

  1. Not essential but an auto selector. This config will select your snap contacts by clicking then scrolling and repeating until it has 200 or somewhere near about.

  2. The main part. Now just take a photo of blankness (If doing it on your phone you can just have it face down on a surface) and send it to the bots on your contacts, once you’ve done it once you can select all the previous contacts with one click. Make sure you add suitable delays, don’t be afraid to go over the top with delays (your phone will lag at a certain point if you send them too fast as it can’t keep up with thousands of photos)

  3. I can’t really explain this that well but yeah you just wanna make a config that’ll select all of them and keep sending them photos. I did this a while back and got 100k snapscore running it slowly within an hour

I would probably recommend using a new account and messaging bots rather then active accounts, this is so no one messages you during the process- replies can often mess the clicks up.

If running on a phone, I suggest using the lowest brightness and keeping it on charge. It drains it faster then you’d think.

But yeah, it’s weird how the main method is so well known but no one’s ever seemed to of automate it (not from what i’ve seen ,anyways)

Happy learning!