How to improve my broken brain

I don’t know what happened to my life from past two years i have these issues

  1. Memory issues
  2. slurred speech
  3. No clarity in my life
  4. Lost my Decision making skills
  5. Stress
  6. Depression
  7. Anxiety and Tension and more…

I don’t want to spend my entire life with the above issues. Please anyone tell me how to get rid of these issues. Thanks!!!


Start doing breathing exercise. Download and install pranabreath app( do anulom vilom daily and you will get some directions in life.

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Start excercises, morning walks, spending some time alone, meditations( all in one solution), and start keeping yourself busy on things you love to do, talk to your family, don’t dwell on past much, reduce the usage of phone, stop hanging around negative people, turn out the distractions and keep calm, start caring yourself ( no one gets taught about this, life learns it), eat healthy with proper routines, stop being awake lately, reward yourself with things when you do something good, these are my life experiences, I can relate because I’m still struggling and these practices never lets my faith and beliefs down and doing at least few of them works a lot good, like meditation, the day I don’t do, I feel like what wrong can happen, and this has become a part of my life, I can leave everything but not meditation.


Understand Neuroplasticity has helped me to overcome a lot of those things.

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Seems like a nutritional deficiency. Can be b12, vitamin D to name a few. Get a detailed blood check up by consulting with your doctor. Or do a full body check up if you can afford. Exercise and yoga are secondary.

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Thank you all for your solutions, you all people are best in the world


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Start doing yoga and pranayam in morning…it’ll defenitely work

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Stop self servicing… You should by all means stop it.

In addition to the great suggestions mentioned here, also do consult a psychiatrist or neurologist. You might have some nutritional deficiency or injury that’s causing the memory issues etc and can be treated easily.

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Try mushrooms?


Does any of these belongs to No Money? or does all of these belongs to being helpless?

But I have something for you to listen, watch and follow if you followed as it must get followed, Trust me, you will get power to deal with above mentioned And remember, we can show you a path, refer something that can really encourage or motivate you, BUT, following the best that you need depends on you, because in your case, I believe, 20 advises in a row may definitely confuse you more. (No offend) but most of the time, when peoples seeking to get rid of anything, they kept getting arrested into the dark while choosing the path or advice they need.

So don’t get confused, make sure you are going to pick something that you really need on the spot to get rid of such confusion you’re going through, later, you will be fine, everyone here about to help you and walk with you until unless you say it is over :+1:

Good luck & PM me anytime if you need those gems which have changed many people’s lives and their thinking, in fact, decision making strength and getting rid of such diseases.

TIP: Take care of your health because if no health no wealth. these diseases badly affect humans health, so get a good healthy meal, Prayers, excises, and do not put a burden on your brain, you can control it, God gave us the power to trick our brain for a while, no matter how bad the situation is just to remember:

God Is Bigger Than Your Problems, Behold Your God:

Your problems may be big, perhaps even bigger than you know. But your God is bigger, and his promises to you are stronger and surer. So, look up from your problems. Listen again to God’s powerful, wise, and tender voice. And then ask God to help you behold him.

Happy Learning! :heart:


I have some advice for you from my own experience, and how I overcame all this negativity. “Focus only on one thing at a time”.

So… you just have to start focusing on one aspect of your life. Let’s say you start waking up early. Now the only thing you should do is to no matter what… just wake up early. Don’t worry about what you have to do after waking up… like… should I go for a walk?.. should I do exercise?.. should I start studying?, should I sit in front of my pc.?.

You see, the thing is, it doesn’t matter if you wake up early… and start playing Fortnite on your pc. The only thing you have to put your focus here… is to make sure you are awake by 5 am or 4.30 am. (Remember, waking up early helped me to change… but it can be different for you, so it is ok if you want to focus on anything else).

So eventually what happens is, you start tweaking your mind and body to do one thing flawlessly… which was so hard to do before.

And to be honest… when it happens… that feeling of accomplishment will automatically affect your mood, emotions, feelings… mindset and confidence in a positive way.

Trust me, this was what I did myself to get out of that rotten mind moody lazy days. My problem was that I was simply wasting my time. I was looking for that secret-magic trick to change everything and become a better person. I looked everywhere, read a lot of articles, watched 100s of youtube videos. But in the end, I came to understand that, the only thing that can make a change is by taking the first step.

I started waking up at 5 am. It was hard, but the next thing I did after waking up, was to watch my favourite TV shows and play games on my pc. Eventually, I got used to it. So I started waking up early… and it became natural to me. And then. I started doing other things… I loved listening to music, so I put on my headphones and took a small walk outside. I just wanted to listen to music and go with the flow. But what happened…? I started to love taking early morning walks. It was so refreshing and life-changing. And… slowly my walking turned to jog, and I started to jog to the nearest beach.

Long story short… 5 months before I was a guy, who woke up at 7.30, and went to work at 8.30. Came home so tired, zero productive, lazy. I was having all those things you mentioned in your post. I was so depressed. I’m still not perfect, but now I’m a person who wakes up at 4.30 am every day, go for a 5k run in the morning, and in the evening. Doing all that intensive work, my body become so fit, and my mind became so crystal clear. Nowadays I feel so energetic, I am not depressed or anxious at any time. It also helped in improving the work-life, I started learning many things, I started a healthy lifestyle. Also, I have more time in my day to day life, to focus on me.

So I just want to say that, I overcame all the shortcoming of my mind and body, by starting to change one small thing at first, It doesn’t need to be waking up early, you can do anything you wish. But you start taking baby steps, and you will eventually change everything to become a better person.

Sorry if my English is bad, I just typed it on the go. :upside_down_face:


A very effective lifechanging android app… name is Fabulous. give it a try. i tried quite a number of app like these but this Fabulous was something else. nothing will give you an instant solution you have to begin from the bottom. you will know more once you start using it. but only you have to strictly follow it

You’re not alone in this situation. This whole generation is f**ked up (especially boys). And the solutions are simple.

  1. Learn Confidence. No matter what be confident even if you’re wrong (analyze things later), Believe in yourself, and nothing else.
  2. Work on your looks a little bit, wise people don’t care about looks but this stupid society does. Get your favorite Haircut, buy clothes that you like. But in the end, you have to look tidy and clean.
  3. Don’t worry about people and their opinions at this stage. Always do what you think is right. It’ll boost your confidence. Remember, nobody’s important than you but never harm anybody.
  4. Set an ultimate goal for your life and work for it like crazy. If you have no goal or you can’t decide any, my suggestion is to do something that will help in the development of Humankind (as a whole people). Build solutions to any problem.
  5. Learn something new every day. Work on AIs, machine learning, learn to sell things, trading, hacking, etc. And remember it’s never too late to do or learn anything in your life. I was looking for a solution years ago like you and I found this great quote about learning,
    We learn how to die when we die.” So keep learning, there’s massive knowledge out there, This life ain’t enough for it.
  6. Now a very important part, very very important. Read, Read hell a lot, Read lots of books. It will help you in decision making. Decision making is very important because life is all about Choices, the decisions you make.
    Here’s the site which will give you the list of books recommended by big and successful people out there, find your idol’s recommendations and start reading right away, forget everything else. :joy:
  7. Give some time to develop your hobbies like Drawing, Singing, Writing, etc. Take them to an extreme level, master them.
  8. Deep dive into your childhood memories. Remember the things you used to love doing and start doing those things which are still appropriate to do.
  9. Listen to Eminem (because he’s my favorite and his struggle). You can listen to other Rappers too. Rap along with them loudly or speak movie dialogues. That will help you to overcome slurred speech.
  10. Now memory issues, do some memory exercises that you might have done in school days. Some scientific brain exercises, you’ll find a few good apps for them like Lumosity, Elevate.
  11. Never ever go on the path of spirituality, always follow science (Spirituality is not a science). Only take those which are scientifically proven from spirituality. Anyway, If we start talking about these things deeply this small reply will become a whole website.
    Don’t believe in anything without scientific research and scientific or real evidence. Don’t fall for any superstition.
    Always think outside of the box. Think beyond your land, country, religion, GOD. Never fall for them.
  12. Get inspired by others. There are so many people out there going through the problems and pain which you can’t even think of, yet many of them tackle or find ways out of it, get inspired by them. Get inspired by successful people who think and work for humanity day and night. Don’t just sit broken in the corner and cry like a girl, even girls are dominating boys and find ways out of their problems by themselves these days (girls have smaller brains than boys but still). I consider you as a boy, sorry if I am wrong, I have no problem with girls, it’s just the way of saying society taught us. So create something, build something, and believe me your crafts will be unique. :wink:
    Give some time to your Social Life. Make new friends, meet old friends. Learn to enjoy every moment of life.

Stop wasting your time, utilize it fully. Time is the most valuable thing in this world.
Avoid playing video games as much as you can, develop your own games instead.
Avoid Social Media, Cell Phone, and P*rn.
Watch some inspirational movies like Forest Gump, and enjoy life to the fullest. Have the best life in the whole Universe. Best of luck.

"All You Need to do is Find Yourself, Everything else can be Googled"

I’ll provide you a couple of sources that will help you to overcome your issues.

Follow this guy Simon Sinek.

If you know Hindi listen to this podcast

That’s all for this post. If you wanna discuss furthermore don’t hesitate to pm me.


Hey…I had same problem 2 months back…as you have mentioned I can relate what you are feeling now totally…I was in the same situation…I tried many many things to get rid of all this stuff…at last found a gem…

Its paid…but you can find this on torrent…
Believe me Man…Just after listening sadhguru’s thoughts for just 45 min…my whole life changed…the problem which you are facing right now…that vanished like nothing…Just give it try man…you will be amazed…And if it worked for you then please donate to its original author…Hope you have a great life ahead…

Psilocybin works too ahuahauhauahu

I have the same issues since last 4 years

What a great question to ask dude!!! These answers help me too

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