How To Host A .Onion Website For Free With Google Cloud

In this post I will show you how to create an .onion dark net host 100% anonymously for about 4 hours. It can also be used for a normal web host such as phising, temporary storage or more.

Anonymous Google Account

You can skip this step if you already have a Google account. and continue follow from >> Create a Webserver with Google Cloud

First you have to visit Qwiklabs Regestration and register yourself there with a temporary email. You can put anything in the fields.After you have done that, you have to click on the link in the email you received on your temporary email. You should now be able to log into Qwiklabs

After you have successfully logged in, click on the search field above and search for “A Tour of Qwiklabs”.
After that you click on “A Tour of Qwiklabs and Google”. Now click on Start Lab in the top left and solve the captcha. Now you have the Google login data here is the proof that it works:

In theory, you can now do anything you want with your Google account. Even give your favorite restaurant a 5 star rating. But this account only lasts 45 minutes and has to be renewed every time, so I recommend creating a real account in a free wifi spot where you don’t need a phone number as verification. This is just an alternative.

Create a Webserver with Google Cloud

First you need to visit Google Cloud Console with a valid Google Account without Google Console Ban. You now have to click on the console symbol at the top right to access the Google console.

First you need to create a Webserver. You can do it with Apache2 or NodeJS. In this tutorial i will do it with Python because it’s the fastest way.

So we have to download “screen” first in order to have several terminals running.

sudo apt-get install screen -y

Then just type in the commands below:

   mkdir web
   cd web
   screen -S web python3 -m http.server --bind 8080

Now press STRG+A+D to leave this screen and go foward.

Now you can upload your .html .css and other files into this folder.

To access the site you need to click on this icon Icon and open with Port 8080 now you have your URL to the clearweb.

Getting Tor URL

The very first thing you need to do is install Tor at your terminal. This is how you do it:

sudo apt-get install tor -y

Now we have to set the port in the config file to 8080 by going to this directory and file:

   cd /etc/tor
   sudo nano torrc

You need to remove the Hashtags of this two lines, change the port from 80 to 8080 and make it look like this:

    ############### This section is just for location-hidden services ###
    ## Once you have configured a hidden service, you can look at the
    ## contents of the file ".../hidden_service/hostname" for the address
    ## to tell people.

    ## HiddenServicePort x y:z says to redirect requests on port x to the
    ## address y:z.

    HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/
    HiddenServicePort 80
    #HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/other_hidden_service/
    #HiddenServicePort 80
    #HiddenServicePort 22

Now the Tor Service is listening on port 8080 as our Webserver. We are ready to start tor in a screen like the Webserver. Do this:

screen -S tor sudo tor

Leave this screen like you did on the other. If Tor has now started successfully, we need our .onion address that was generated here: /var/lib/tor/hidden_service

Give you root permission first before doing this commands: sudo su

Go to this directory with the command cd /var/lib/tor/hidden_service. Now u just need to type this command to display the URL:

cat hostname

The server should stay online for about 4 hours. If you need more time you just have to go back to the console. You could write a Python script … (Source: ossi)

Happy learning!