How to Hide PC Folder Using Gilisoft File Lock

learn how to hide and lock the Files,drives and folders in your PC and laptop.

  1. At the end of this post i have given the “Gilisoft” file lock software.
  2. download and install in your computer.
  3. Open the “Gilisoft” file lock software.
  4. Now it is ask to enter the password.
  5. Now type your one time password.
  6. You should never forget this password.
  7. This password only use to lock and unlock your files.
  8. That software will open and the display shows three options.
  • Hide Data
  • Deny Read
  • Deny Write


This Hide data option shows three sub options.

  • Hide files,Hide folders and Hide drives.
    1. The hide files option, We can hide only the files like Text,Microsoft document and PDF.
  1. Using this hide folder option,We can hide only all the folders in your laptop.
  2. Using this hide drives option, we can hide the all local disc in our laptop.


  1. This deny read option used to lock your files,folders and drives.
  2. These Files,folders and drives will show visually,you cannot enter inside the folders (or)Files.You need the password to enter into that folder.
  3. This deny read option have three side options.
  • Lock file,Lock folder and Lock Drives.


  1. This deny write option used to protect your files,folders and drivers.
  2. It will show visually,you can open and read the files. you cannot make any changes in the files (or) folders.You cannot change the name of the file (or) Add any extra files in that folder.
  3. This deny write option have three side option.
    • Protect files,Protect folder and Protect Drives.
Download Gilisoft: Click Here

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