How to HACK WiFi using WPS/WPA Tester | No Root Required 2019-2

WPA WPS Tester is application through which we can connect WPS enable wireless Network. WPS is abbreviation of WiFi Password Setup, is a Network Security standard to create a secure Wireless Home Network created by the WiFi Alliance. This is a weak security technique that’s why we can crack easily with WPS WPA Tester Application. But if any Wireless network which have WPA security then with this app you can’t crack that wireless network.

WPA is abbreviation of WiFi Protected Access , WPA,WPA2 and WPA3 are three wireless network security protocol and security certification programs developed by the WiFi Alliance to secure Wireless Computer Networks. these are more secure then WPS so Most of the Smartphone comes with these security Protocol which is more secured and it can not be Hack easily by Simple Person.

  • But a major Security breach was revealed in December 2011 that affects wireless routers with the WPS PIN Feature.The bleach allows a remote attacker to recover the WPS PIN in a Few Minute/ Hours with a WPS PIN, and with a brute-fore attack.

In the Latest update of WPS WPA Tester now this comes with Dark theme Mode with Some U.I improvement and Bugs fixed.

Nowadays Most of the Wireless router brand have WPS Enable Security by default Like - D-Link, ASUS, Airocon, TrendNet, Easybox etc.
If one of these wireless router connection is nearby you then you can connect easily with the help of WPS WPA Tester Application.

Here’s how to crack WiFi Password by WPS WPA Tester App.

Step 1 :

Download the WPS WPA Tester Application from the Play Store.

how to hack wifi using wps wpa tester tutorial no root : 2019\ 640x195
WPS WPA Testrer App

Step 2 :

Open WPS WPA Tester Application and Scan For Nearby WiFi, before scan you must be enable your location on your device.

how to hack wifi using wps wpa tester tutorial no root : 2019

Step 3 :

You will see three color Green, Yellow and Red, if any Wifi Network show Red in color then that connection can not crack by this App because of its Security which is in WPA/ WPA2. But if it’s shows Green then you can connect with that network by this application just select that Green Signal Connection then you will see some warning is that “Are you Authorized to test D-Link ? App was born for educational purposes only and not for testing on unauthorized Networks. You are the only one responsible of misuse of this App”, after reading this touch on “Next” Option.

how to hack wifi using wps wpa tester tutorial no root : 2019

Step 4 :

You will see many way to connect with that wireless network, you just need to select “PIN (Connect Automatic with try all Pin)” option. After that this application try all the PIN to Connect with your Device automatically.

how to hack wifi using wps wpa tester tutorial no root : 2019

Step 5 :

When the process will be completed after that you have connected with that WiFi network.but if you want to see their Password then this only possible with Rooted Android Devices. if you have rooted device then you can see their password.

how to hack wifi using wps wpa tester tutorial no root : 2019


  • WPS WPA Tester App is to Check Vulnerability of WPS Secured WiFi Network Connection.
  • You can only connect with WPS Enable wireless Network not WPA/ WPA 2/ WPA 3 Secured Devices.
  • If you want to see connected WiFi password then you must have a Rooted Android Devices.
  • This Application is easily available on Google Play Store.

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