How To Hack WiFi Password Using MITM | Method

1. Goto:…nalyzer/fluxion

2. After Downloading fluxion. Goto Downloads and extract Fluxion

3. Goto extracted directory where is located and Run ./

Note- If all required files are updated and installed then fluxion will run, otherwise a list of unavailable files will show.

4. If any of the required files are missing then you have to install them. For this goto install directory and open terminal there. Now, Run :


5. It will install all the required files. Now you are ready to run Fluxion.

Now the main steps start from here:-

1- Run : ./
2- Select Language
3- Select Channel. I prefer All channels.

It will start scanning your nearby networks on all channels. Press CTRL + C to stop the search.

4- Enter ID of the channel you want to crack.
5- Select the Attack option. I prefer FakeAp – Hostpad.
6- Select Handshake check. I prefer pyrit.
7- Select Capture Handshake option. I prefer Deauth All.
Now wait for the handshake.

After handshake is captured close both windows. And in Status Handshake select Check handshake.

8- Now Select Create an ssl certification.
9- Select Web Interface.
10- Select Login Page.

Now wait for the user to connect to our open twin Ap and enter key for authentication. After a user is connected he/she has to enter the password. As soon as he/she enters the password we get it.

That’s all you learned How to Crack Wi-Fi Passwords. or How to Hack WiFi Password



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Do we need special Modem/Router for that?
Can we do with Laptop with inbuilt modem/router?
Do we need Kali etc or a Linux platform?

fluxion | Fluxion is a remake of linset by vk496 with enhanced functionality. (
Yes, you need a usb wifi adapter with a specific chipset, unfortunately I can’t remember which one exactly. My Alfa AWUS036ACH for example does not contain the right chipset so don’t get that one.
No it won’t work with your built in modem AFAIK.
Yes you need kali or linux, I recommend doing it through VMWare Workstation Pro as this is what I’m using with success.

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