How To Hack Using Phishing Technique ⭐

So, no click-bait.

First and foremost, You are going to keep some things in your mind. All your “noob-friendly wanna-be hackers” who have basic Youtube tutorial knowledge, dont try,you wont get it.

You need:

  1. Kali linux or any of your favorite distro which you would rock for this hack. Of course, i hope you know all the basics of the linux and how it works. you cant be expecting me to write even minute details aint you ???
  2. and yes we are going to use kali linux for this hack and the only working phishing tool as of right now according to me, due to some reasons; its usability and pre- loaded templates we can work with.
  3. basic things apart like internet and stuff, you are going to need a victim whom you will hack and get the login credentials, which is exactly what we want now/

that’s about it. Installation procedure is similar to others which you’ve been doing to get your tools installed in linux, still I’m giving you the working repo and commands//

now copy and paste from here exact things/

  1. clone the repo by -
$ git clone git://
  1. change the clone directory to where you have installed it and bash (if you dont, revise basics)

  2. it will install all the dependencies it will require to run and thats it. you are ready to mess up anyone you want. wait|! not yet there are some things.

  3. optional- for docker use this

$ docker pull htrtech/zphisher $ docker run --rm -it htrtech/zphisher

when you run the tool it will give you basic beginner friendly UI to work with and above 30+ templates pre installed. awesome! go through all the steps which are self explanatory, you will be given the URL links to send to the victim.

At this point, you people need your so called social engineering skills to make your victim open the link and enter their details. don’t worry about the site visuals are exactly the same as the official one. The tool will also mask your URL and will give you tunneling options (i used ngrok).
for eg; hey i found your embarassing pic on facebook, check it fast??? you got me right//

That’s the most easiest way to phish someone. coolest thing about this is you don’t need to host with different sites. all will be taken care of by the linux server and the credentials will be exported to a text file in your computer.

Happy learning!

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