How To Hack Someone's Wifi + Password Easily

Step 1
Download Waircut by clicking https://sourceforge…ojects/waircut/

You also need Jumpstart download that by clicking…

(if the jumpstart doesn’t start, watch this clip):…h?v=Gjf0PxhGU0U

Step 2
Startup Waircut and run a scan

Step 3
you will see the wifi networks in your area click on the one you need

Step 4
Click on Pixie Dust

now it will search the wifi password for you (this will take a second)

Your PC will go off the internet BTW

When it’s done you got the Wi-Fi password you need.

Happy learning!


does this method really work?

scam bye bye pc

If this is really a scam then this kind of post must be removed

This might work with Wi-Fi operating on WPS security. Try this app if you want to check for WPS security Wi-Fi near you,
WPS WPA tester
I even tried aircrack suite but it all ends with your luck and grasp upon combinations. Nothing really is that straight forward up till now for a normal person to use.