How To Hack Instagram Account!

NOTE : Don’t expect that you can hack whatever account you want! This is just the demonstration of how it works!For 100% work you need deeper understanding of it!

Yeah you heard it right now this tutorial not gonna include hacking the database of Instagram or something very advanced.

Hacking Instagram Accounts
Yeah you heard it right now this tutorial not gonna include hacking the database of instagram or something very advanced
So lets start this
So the first thing you need is Kali Linux or Parrot Sec os or any other linux OS
you can download parrot os from here and kali linux from here
and thats it
Now lets start the guide
So the first thing you need is a net connection and brain and yeah dont forget linux any distro or flavor
So lets start for the purpose of this tutorial i am gonna use the technique of brute force
Brute force is the technique of trying random passwords against a single user from a pre defined chrachter set or more specificially we can say i am gonna to talk about a dictionary attack so dictionary attack is an attack in which the passwords are saved in a file from where we try these passwords on a single user
Ok so lets start
1 Open Terminal
2 apt update && apt ugrade -y

3 apt-get install git

{installing git to clone repo}
4 apt-get install python
{installing python }
5 apt-get install python3
{installing python3}
6 cd Desktop
changing directory to desktop

7 git clone…L0G1C/Instagram (

{This command will clone the github repo}
OK so after completition of 7th command we need to run
8 chmod +x Instagram
after that run
cd Instagram
Now run python -h to get the help menu
Now just simply enter this command
python/2/3 USERNAME OF VICTIM /Path_of_wordlist_file
[wordlist file comes already by default in linux or parrot just extract rockyou in /usr/share/wordlists and replace the path ]
If the users password is in rockyou than this gonna work but if not than its your badluck but you can try other ways if you want
That’s it for now stay tuned.

ENJOY! :+1:


So if password don’t get matched then does victim get notified like “someone tried to log in to your account”?

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Only if they turned On the login approval to the account. And please read the thread from start. it’s not that easy to hack anyone. LOL

Have a nice day!


it is bruteforcing the
i think there will be limit how many times that u can type wrong password

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