How to Hack Facebook,Gmail,Twitter Using KeyLogger Using BeeLogger | Kali Linux

**Beelogeer, an email-keylogger** that is an open source tool. Ever thought the way to get someone’s credentials who is out of your network, whom you cannot Hack by simply using a payload and listener, then the only method left to spy for his/her credentials is putting in a keylogger, and most of the keyloggers accessible on-line for remote keylogging are paid. However, you can create an email-keylogger using Beelogger for free of charge if you have a Linux or mac OS system.

It can build keyloggers of many types like:

  • Adobe Flash update setup file.
  • Adobe PDF
  • Office Word
  • PowerPoint PPTX
  • Excel Sheet
  • Blank executable

If you are thinking like that then you are wrong. Here we tend to are going to use a powerful tool known as beelogger which may be wont to generate fake adobe flash update, fake word document, fake pdf, fake pptx that are primarily windows keyloggers.

This tool provides an additional energy to the social engineering subject . We all face issues when we try to install a keylogger on others computer as a result of they know about exe format files and that they do not want to put in that style of unknown files however if we send them a word document file or a pdf file then there is a good chance of clicking on it.


  • Send logs each 120 seconds.
  • Send logs when chars > 50.
  • Send logs with GMAIL.
  • Some Phishing methods are included.
  • Multiple Session disabled.
  • Auto Persistence.


  • apt
  • wine
  • wget
  • Linux
  • sudo
  • python2.7
  • python 2.7 on Wine Machine
  • pywin32 on Wine Machine
  • pythoncom on Wine Machine

Tested by GitHackTools on

  • Kali Linux 2018.1
  • Parrot Security OS 4.1
  • Zorin OS 12.3

Lets Start with Hacking Facebook,Gmail,Twitter Using KeyLogger.

Step 1 :- You need to download BeeLogger tool by executing this command in terminal window of kali linux.

git clone

Step 2 :- this will install it, now type : cd BeeLogger to go to the directory, and type ls to see what is in there.

Now you can run this tool easily, that give this command ./ and press enter button.

Step 3 :- This command will install things. It will install wine,python,pywin32 all kind of that stuff. It takes like time to do that, but it is easy, just keep pressing next.

Step 4 :- Just keep pressing next.

Step 5 :- Just keep pressing next.

Step 6 :- Now we can execute the script! To do that, type in

After that, there will be a image of a bee, then press enter.


Step 7 :- Type K for Generate Keylogger.

Step 8 :- Type 2 for fake word docx(It will let you choose an output file format).

Step 9 :- Go through the Security alerts clearly.Type your mail credentials.

Step 10 :- Check your above credentials, and hit Y and Enter .

Step 11 :- It will generate Keylogger in /dist/ folder under Beelogger output file location.

Send it to your victim using Social Engineering Techniques. When your victim opens it, keystrokes are sent to you entered Email Id.


How to install and use BeeLogger | Kali Linux | 2018


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iam getting the error:“setup ended premeturly” during installation of python.