How To Hack facebook, gmail or any other Social Account | PHISHING METHOD 🔥

How to hack facebook : Phishing method

So hello my fellow hackers! Hope you guys are doing well, So in this tutorial we will see this interesting topic ” How to Hack facebook account ?” … Yess You hear’d that right… An this method is working very nicely…

Step 1 :-

Here we can do this attack by ourself or we can use a website that will do everything for us…. So if you guys know how to create a phishing page and how to host that page to a free server…then do the all the stuff by yourself…

Or we can head over to a website that will help us by creating that phishing page and store that username and password for us… So let’s Start The Show ! “ How to hack facebook :Phishing” :


Create a account on their website …[Don’t use your original gmail and password] create a fake gmail id to use on their website…after sign up login by your username and password…

after login you will see a interface like this


Step 2:

Now you will see many links here… You can choose what logo to show when the victim open your link… let’s assume you have choose (no7) … So when you send this link to your victim he/she will see a a banner like this


so he/she will enter after seeing . post like this …and that’s it the credentials will save to your z-shadows account…You just have to copy this link from here and send this this link to your victim… you can use any platform to share this link…


You can shorten the link by using any link shortener

You will get notified , when your victim enter the user id and password… and you will have to goto the “My Victim” Section to see the id & password of your victim…

Then Your victim’s user id and password will be shown here…like this


Now You can Login with these details… Happy Hacking

[P.S] – Be aware don’t click on this type of link… by using this same method user can hack into your gmail also…so be safe


Thank you, this still works! :smiley:

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not working for me
the website is not working
can you please explain to me.

bro there’s no explanation it’s so childish to only think that these website can do your work…don’t fall for this kind trap because you may end up giving your personal information…FACEBOOK hacking is not matter of joke people get paid annually 100000k for secure to facebook every day so don’t fall for this…this is just a friendly advice…


Check this ip, it is accessible!


wow awesome share i hope stil work thanks…

Actually its probably the guy who made this site who’s getting the info from people who sign up on it.

you are NOT hacking Facebook, this is a simple phishing attack.