How To Hack | Beginners Guide To Become A Hacker

I’m going to teach you what to learn to become a PROFESSIONAL HACKER and give you best tools to start with.

Something that we at least one time in our lifes wanted to become is a professional hacker. Some of us succeed, some not. I’m going to teach you what you should learn to become a hacker and give you some of the best tools to start with hacking carrier! Let the journey begins!

1. How to start learning and what?
It’s a pretty simple answer;

Linux / Administration ------> Networking ------> Scripting / Programming ------> Hacking tools

Without Linux, you can’t do nothing, Kali is the best solution. Networking and scripting / programming are basics of hacking. After all of that, you will understand hacking tools.

2. Now, let’s explain Penetration Testing Process.
Penetration testing process is divided into:

1. Planning and investigation
I don’t have to say much about this. I guess you all understand this.

2. Scanning and finding vulnerabilities
Most usable tools are:

  1. Nmap
  2. Maltego
  3. Nessus
  4. Nikto
  5. Burp Suite
  6. SQLmap

For all of them you can check on YouTube.

3. Getting access / Exploiting
1. Metasploit
About Metasploit, you can also find on YouTube. Most useful for Exploiting.

4. Escalation of privileges and maintenance of progress
More tools that you can find on GitHub:

  2. linPEAS
  3. Linux Smart Enumeration
  4. LinEnum

5. Writing reports and cleaning up traces
I also don’t have to say much about this. I guess that you understood!

Happy learning!