How To Hack Any Instagram Account | Updated Method!

Hello, 1Hacker’s :cowboy_hat_face:

Have you ever wanted to hack your buddy’s Instagram account, see who your girlfriend is talking to?

Well, let’s see if your dumbass friends would fall for these phishing websites.

Link: (If the link does not let you register to the website, then try this link:

STEP 1: Make your account (I recommend not putting your main password)
STEP 2: Click what language your phishing website should be
STEP 3: Send the website to the victim

To check if the victim has entered their username and password, click “My victims” on the top left corner.

Note: This also works with Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, YouTube, Twitter and more!



  • Very easy, not only works with Instagram, but you can also use pretty much ANY non-HTTPS website.
  • Website PINGS YOU when someone signs in through your link.

Negatives :

  • Anyone intelligent will quickly become confused with the fact they get ads instead of access and quickly reset their password

  • Links expire after 6 hours, meaning you’ll need to personally know what times your target checks their emails etc.

WARNING: This is for educational purposes only! We are not responsible for any risk, use it at your own risk, as you know the forum’s Motto 1Hack, so be it, after all, they are worth it.



Which link should we send send to victim?

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